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Live Chat App for Android

Comm100 Live Chat App for Android allows you to chat with website visitors on your Android devices while on the road or away from the office. The app is not just for chatting, though, as the application offers so much more.

ALL companies need! This is the best web support program and supports multiple devices on the go with auto change over + on PC.

BJ Hutton

Live Chat App for Android - Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface

The application interface is intuitive on all Android devices and enables you to quickly view and chat with visitors as well as set preferences.

Live Chat App for Android - Push Notification

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be sent to your Android devices to inform you of important events, such as new visitors, chat requests and responses when the live chat app is running in background mode.

Live Chat App for Android - Sound & Vibration

Sound & Vibration

Whether it’s a new chat request, visitor, response or other event, the app allows you to receive both sound and vibrate notifications on your Android devices. This means you can leave your desk if needed without fear of missing notifications.

Live Chat App for Android - Pre-Defined Messages & URLs

Pre-Defined Messages & URLs

Using pre-defined messages and URLs — which are easily accessible from the Android chat app — you can answer relevant questions with a single tap. This saves you repetitive typing and improves chat efficiency considerably.

Live Chat App for Android - Chat History

Chat History

Get access to relevant visitor details by viewing previous chat transcripts in the Android chat app. Quick access to chat histories helps you answer visitor questions efficiently and professionally while helping them avoid repetitive questions.

Live Chat App for Android - Chat Transfer

Chat Transfer

When you need help from a colleague, you can get it instantly by transferring an ongoing chat. Chat transfers helps deliver quality customer service by helping your visitors get answers from those most qualified to assist.

Live Chat App for Android - Visitor Details

Visitor Details

Visitor data collected from multiple channels is available for instant review. Important data, such as geographic and email address information, helps you get a handle on customer cases quickly.

The interface is quite easy to use. The features are powerful enough to chat with my website visitors while on the go. A good business tool.

Lukas Cumberbatch