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For most people, the ability to browse the internet is commonplace. This isn’t the case for many.

Comm100 Live Chat is proud to meet the latest WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards. WCAG, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, were created to help companies ensure that people with disabilities can have equal access to website functionality, content, and features. Websites and applications with a significant level of inaccessibility can be discriminatory against persons with disabilities, in violation of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

WCAG compliance is also required for certain public organizations such as the US government, and is recommended for private organizations. Comm100 Live Chat meets all 38 of the WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria requirements, making it easy to deliver fully accessible live chat to all your customers. Here’s why WCAG compliance matters, and how Comm100 adheres to it.

WCAG Perceivable


Comm100 Live Chat was built to be perceivable and distinguishable according to WCAG standards. Our chat window and button are accessible for all screen readers with text resizability up to 200%, clear interface elements, and the ability to change text colors with custom CSS/JS. Predictable chat flow can also help people with visual and cognitive impairments identify informational fields. Comm100 Live Chat has been rigorously tested for WCAG compliance both on desktop and mobile devices to ensure an accessible experience that accommodates all user preferences.

WCAG Operable


Some live chat users may experience difficulty operating a mouse and rely on the computer keyboard for web navigation and engagement. Comm100 WCAG compliant Live Chat allows users to replace standard mouse actions with keyboard commands in order to be accessible to people with motor disabilities.

Users can scroll through messages, respond, and engage with chatbots without being required to lift a hand. Comm100’s Chatbot also eases operability for users with mobility limitations by prompting the user to select simple menu options and reducing the need to type.

WCAG Comprehensible


Comm100 is dedicated to making information understood by all. Our visitor-side interface can be programmed to display a specific language based on the user’s location or other web page specifications. Built-in automatic chat translation makes it so that all visitors, regardless of fluency level in the support team’s primary language, can receive assistance. While organizations can customize user-facing content, Comm100’s default live chat options don’t require reading ability more advanced than the lower secondary education level.

WCAG Assistive

Assistive technology-friendly

Comm100’s visitor-facing components including the live chat button and contents within the live chat window are compatible with text-to-speech (TTS) assistive technology. Comm100 WCAG compliant Live Chat limits the use of dynamic content for optimal text readability, and its widgets support the ARIA standard. Comm100’s pre-chat and post-chat surveys also use assistive technology to alert users when a survey field has not been filled, and help them identify where the issue is through multiple visual cues.

WCAG Media alternatives

Media alternatives to text

Comm100 WCAG compliant Live Chat helps organizations serve users with special needs by providing video and audio chat. Comm100’s video chat connects agents and visitors face-to-face when typing isn’t suitable. It is sign language-friendly, and can facilitate a better connection for neurodivergent individuals. Audio chat can provide quick, crisp, resolution to all users with an internet connection. Comm100’s screen sharing tool also helps agents resolve the issues of customers with different abilities.

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