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GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) was introduced in 2018 and gives European citizens the right to request, access, and delete data stored by companies. Companies that are GDPR compliant offer their customers improved data management, better data security, more transparency, and increased consumer trust. Comm100’s live chat and customer service solution is fully GDPR compliant in accordance with all current EU standards.

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GDPR compliant live chat

GDPR-safe data storage

Comm100’s live chat and customer service solution are hosted in high-security data centers in the EU where cloud data is stored according to GDPR standards. For our EU customers that require on-premise data storage, our encryption, firewalls, and password protections are also kept up to GDPR regulations. This extra layer of security is one more step that keeps your and your customers’ data out of harmful hands.

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Total coverage

Comm100’s customer service software is GDPR compliant across every channel. As well as GDPR compliant live chat, Comm100’s email, ticketing, social media, and SMS solutions all adhere to GDPR regulations. Whatever channel your customers want to speak to you on, you can feel confident knowing that you’re fully compliant.

GDPR compliant live chat

Transparency made simple

To be GDPR compliant, companies must process personal data lawfully, consensually, in a clear manner and for a specific purpose. To help our customers, we make it easy to collect customer data appropriately and transparently. Comm100 pre-chat surveys allow our customers to include data protection consents & clauses before starting a live chat. Transcripts of chats and contact information are also stored within Comm100’s platform so businesses can easily respond to personal information requests by customers.

GDPR compliant live chat

Quality data management

Comm100 has implemented Standard Contractual Clauses to maximize the security of all data transfers between EU and non-EU countries. Comm100 works with a supervisory authority for cross-border data protection issues to systematically ensure that all changes have been comprehensively tested to verify compliance.

GDPR compliant live chat

Erase unwanted exchanges

Just like we make it easy for you to send live chat transcripts to your customers, we make it easy to erase them too. EU customers reserve the right to be forgotten so, at your request, we can delete all of your personal data. Just send a support request to You can erase a customer’s profile at any time upon their request too.

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