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Comm100’s MaximumOn™ provides data center-level redundancy to ensure your live chat platform is always up and running. If the service goes down in one location, a redundant server in the backup location will automatically take over without interruption. We also guarantee chat persistence and transcript synchronization.

Enterprise backup strategy

We execute rigorous backup and disaster recovery plans. Your live chat data is backed up to different servers to keep your data safe from natural disasters or any possible data loss events. We also encrypt and back up your data to another data center which is 1000+ miles away to further ensure your business continuity.

you can do Audit logs on comm100

24/7 service monitoring

Our dedicated Service Maintenance team monitors and manages the Comm100 live chat platform 24/7. Any potential risk will be detected, analyzed and acted on immediately, giving you the most reliable live chat software.


As your organization grows and more of your customers go digital, it’s essential that every system you use to run your business can grow with you. Scalable to thousands of agents and millions of chats a month, Comm100 will be there whenever and however you need it. It’s what you would expect from enterprise-grade solutions.

For a more detailed introduction on the MaximumOn™ technology, download our white paper.

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