When it comes to the total issue resolution picture, ticketing is the backbone of every customer support team. That’s because at best, First Contact Resolution (FCR) averages only 78% globally. For the other 22% – and to keep tabs on the full picture – you need a powerful ticketing system. You found it.

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Full-cycle support

Comm100 Ticketing helps you track support tickets from first call through to resolution – whether originating as an email or a chat — with detailed notes covering every step in along the way. Our intuitive workflow and advanced automation make it a snap.

The right agents on the job

Take control of your inbound support emails and make sure they get to the right inbox by choosing the relevant department and agent when creating tickets – directly from the Comm100 agent console.

The perfect live chat companion

Email as a support channel will be around for a long time to come – according to some reports, it’s the second most preferred way for customers to seek help after voice. Comm100 Ticketing integrates seamlessly with Comm100 Live Chat so you can blend the two channels within one easy-to-use console.

Accelerate response time with tagging and filtering

Comm100 Ticketing’s tagging and filtering helps you quickly sort through your support queue and establish better resolution workflows. A more organized agent is a more productive agent!

Powerful automation

Ticket automation features work to streamline and enhance your workflow and improve transparency. Automatically update case status, send pre-defined messages and post-case communications, and more.

Fully integrated with Comm100 Live Chat

Comm100 Ticketing integrates perfectly with Comm100 Live Chat, giving you extra options for faster issue resolution. Create tickets from offline messages and completed and ongoing chats, allowing teams to carry on conversations effortlessly within a single unified agent console.

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