How do you extract maximum value out of AI-powered chat? Just like you would with any technology: know what you want to achieve and match that vision with a solution that fits. From automating answers to basic customer queries to booking travel to checking credit card balances, Comm100 AI-powered chat doesn’t just hold conversations – it gets stuff done, whenever your customers need and with the speed and professionalism you demand.

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Basic support

You need your chatbot to deliver answers. Always on and always smiling (or whichever emotion fits your brand best), Comm100 AI-powered chatbots will master your world and solve the majority of queries just like you’d expect from a human agent.

Banking and finance

Imagine your customers checking balances, transferring funds and paying bills via a simple text interface, fully authenticated and fully compliant. Now that’s what AI is for. We’ll show you how we’re helping banks and investment companies deliver these services today with Comm100 AI-powered chat.

Hospitality and entertainment

Comm100 AI-powered chatbots can not only show your customers what’s available, they can book it for them too! From hotel rooms to air travel, cruises to live shows, our integration and AI training make it all possible today. Converting visitors to customers has never been this easy.

Account management

Change passwords. Update addresses. Renew subscriptions. If a live agent can do it, so can Comm100 AI-powered chat. Even at 3:51AM.

What’s your use case?

The power of AI is virtually endless – chances are we’ve seen it and done it already. Talk to us today about your needs, vision, and dreams. We’ll help make them a reality.

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