Making sense of the wide range of human expression, language, and grammar (have you ever misunderstood a text message?) is critical for successful conversation between your customers and your chatbot. Comm100 AI-powered chat harnesses our specialized machine learning interface to the world’s most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to give you the confidence, control, and comfort you need to take full advantage of everything that AI has to offer.

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Interactions for humans

Your customers are not only tolerant of chatting with a bot, they increasingly prefer it as a resolution channel. Comm100 AI is built to understand conversational dialog, quickly identifying intent from natural language to move toward resolution.

30 different languages, one smart bot

Hablas espanol? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Your Comm100 AI-powered chatbot can serve your global customers – or the ones just around the corner – in the language of their choice. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Human-guided machine learning

The secret to any good AI-powered chatbot is its ability to learn from the conversations it’s having. Just like school, your bot needs someone to weigh in on its answers from time to time. The Comm100 AI console features a simple interface that lets you train your chatbot on the tough questions quickly and easily – and no data science degree necessary! Because you’ve got other important work to do.

Sometimes it’s called chat for a reason

Your customers are 100% human. Even when talking with a chatbot, they appreciate the little things like casual conversation and off-topic small talk. That’s why we built Comm100 AI to be able to talk about the weather as well as it can about your products and services.

For a complete overview of Comm100's AI powered Chatbot features and benefits, download our data sheet.

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