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Like any technology investment you make, you want to see results from your deployment of Comm100 AI-powered chat as quickly as possible. Our road-tested, 5-step Artificial Intelligence Mastery (AIM) program takes you from discovery to launch following an established program that minimizes lag and optimizes impact, so you can get to positive ROI faster.

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Step 1: Discovery

Understand and define your AI-powered chat use case, and what you wish to achieve. Are you looking for after-hours coverage? Extended capacity? Always-on self-serve via chat? We’ll help you establish clear goals and performance metrics against which we’ll measure success.


Step 2: AI Building Blocks

During this step we’ll dive head-first into the sources of your organizational wisdom – the DNA of your AI-powered chat. This could be live chat transcripts, support email archives, knowledge bases, and more. The goal here is to map the ‘universe’ of knowledge and information from which your AI chatbots will draw their strength.


Step 3: Design

Establish baseline dialog capabilities of your AI-powered chat by wiring conversational intents to your desired actions and responses, including the ability for your AI-powered chat to ‘read’ relevant queries and idle chit-chat. This is the step where intelligence surfaces and your chatbots almost become sentient!


Step 4: Testing

It’s alive! It’s time to turn on your AI-powered chat for internal use. The best people to test it with? Your agents! Depending on the scope of your program, we recommend 1-2 weeks of internal testing to ensure your chatbot is performing as expected before going live.


Step 5: Go-Live

Congratulations! Your AI-powered chat is up and running, just like your human agents. You’re now firmly in the modern customer experience era, with a chatbot that’s resolving customer queries, helping them execute any number of transactions, and entertaining them with brand-appropriate small talk. Just like human agents, your AI-powered chat will get smarter and more effective over time. And Comm100 will be there to help guide its development.

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