By 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent.

Harness the power of language, context, and customer data to deliver better customer experiences.

Let’s cut through the buzz: Artificial intelligence is already transforming the customer service world. From helping agents find information more quickly to enabling 24/7 self-serve support, chatbots and related AI technologies are racking up wins across every industry. Comm100 simplifies and accelerates your AI journey, resulting in quicker ROI and more satisfied customers.

It’s time for you to take full advantage.

AI Chatbot

It’s the ability to understand not just the words in a question but the intent behind them that means the difference between a good chatbot and a great one. Comm100 AI-powered chat uses the most advanced NLP engine available to deliver reliable, accurate, and proven results.

Agent Assist

Help your agents find answers to customer queries more quickly, reducing conversation length while delivering the same or better quality service. Agent Assist is a powerful AI application that reads incoming queries, determines the topic, and suggest answers to agents right inside the agent console. Customer satisfaction is just a click away!

AI-powered chat
use cases

Sometimes simple answers aren’t enough; you need a chatbot that can get things done. Combining Comm100 AI-powered chat with our extensive integration capabilities means our chatbot can do more than just chat. From checking account balances to booking travel, the possibilities are virtually endless (see what we did there?)

AIM for success

We get it – knowing where and how to start with AI-powered chat can seem daunting. Not to worry – our AIM program – Artificial Intelligence Mastery – will get you there faster than you can say “Hey bot, how much is my credit card bill this month?”