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Custom Answers Chatbot

Custom Answers Chatbot

If you’re looking to automate a high percentage of your support queries without compromising on service quality, you need Custom Answers Chatbot. Powered by the latest NLP and LLM models, this chatbot software provides highly accurate assistance so you can increase support capacity without increasing headcount. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Generative Answers Chatbot

Generative Answers Chatbot

Using the latest in Generative AI & NLU, Generative Answers Chatbot delivers helpful, dynamic, human-like messaging to instantly resolve customer conversations. Better still, the bot can be launched within just 2 hours with no coding knowledge, and it requires very little maintenance.
Task Bot

Task Bot

Task Bots are simple to build chatbots with no coding or technical expertise required. They help you automate FAQs, book meetings, and capture contact information so your agents can focus on more important tasks at hand. And did we mention they let you deliver 24/7 support to increase engagement too?
Voice Bot

Voice Bot

Powered by AI and natural language (NLP), Voice Bot communicates with customers via speech through your digital voice and telephony channels. With this customer service chatbot at hand, call volumes and wait times will drop, and customer satisfaction will fly high. Give your customers the fast, 24/7 support they expect.
Agent Assist

Agent Assist

This powerful AI chatbot software helps your agents respond to customers more quickly and accurately. It reads and understands incoming questions and instantly suggests answers to the agent who can send the response with one click. Simple yet effective, this AI tool improves agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Flexible third-party integrations

Comm100 chatbot software can be integrated with third-party vendors like Zendesk Live Chat so agents can step in when needed. Better still, Comm100 chatbots can be created with third-party engines like IBM Watson. This is what you call a flexible chatbot platform.

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One chatbot, every channel

Your customers don’t just expect support on your website. They want it on social media, SMS and in-app too. With Comm100‘s chatbot platform, you can simply build one bot and launch it across all your channels. And did we mention it can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud? Only with Comm100.

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We’re with you all the way

Our team of professional AI architects can help you design and maintain your customer service chatbot with regular check-ins to continually optimize performance. Let us take care of the plumbing so you focus on your customers.

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Put Comm100’s chatbot to the test by trying them out for yourself and seeing how a bot could help your team.

A chatbot platform that your agents and customers will love

“I don’t have a computer science or programming background so finding a chatbot that was simple to build and code-free was crucial – and Comm100 Chatbot delivered on this… I built our bot from scratch with no technical knowledge. I think anyone who has a social media account can build a Comm100 Chatbot.”

Lachlan Todd – Lachlan Todd, Communications & Systems Coordinator, Thompson Rivers University

“The Comm100 bot has allowed us to not only effectively manage the increase in chat volume, but it’s also saved us a considerable amount of money by not having to hire a lot more agents.”

Richard Branson – Richard Branson, COO, Tangerine

“The process of building the chatbot was great. We’ve had a very positive relationship with Comm100 for over five years and their chatbot team was as helpful as ever. They supported us throughout the build and deployment and gave us a lot of advice and best practice to make sure that our chatbot is a success.”

– Jasmina Duric, Manager of E-Services and Support Department

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5 Reasons Why Your Top 5 Executives Will Love Comm100 Chatbots

While you know chatbots can revolutionize your customer service operations, chances are there are some people inside your organization who aren’t fully on board yet. We can help you change that.

See how you could automate over 80% of inquiries with Comm100’s chatbots.

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