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Features | AI Chabot Personalization

Conditional Logic

Every one of your customers is different, with unique profiles, behavior, and needs. A one-size-fits-all chatbot won’t cut it.

Conditional Logic enables you to build separate conversational paths for visitors depending on who they are, their relationship with your organization, and why they are reaching out to you in the first place. This makes it possible for your bot to deliver high-quality and personalized service without forcing you to build and maintain multiple chatbots.

Improve Customer Service Case management

Personalize every customer interaction

Use visitor data from your website as conditions to deliver a tailored experience. For instance, your organization can choose to offer different quick reply options to various user groups – if someone selects “Order Status” in the pre-chat survey, they can see options relevant to that vs. someone who selects “Refunds and Cancellation”. Available visitor data includes:

  • Geography – Country/Region, State/Province, City, Time Zone, Language
  • Web browsing behavior – Current Page URL, Landing Page URL, Chat Requesting Page URL, Visit times, Chat times
  • Source info – Referrer URL, Search Engine, Search Keywords
  • Custom info – Custom Fields in your pre-chat/post-chat/offline message forms, Ticketing & Messaging fields, and visitor segment data
  • Custom variables – Visitor information specific from their visit like Student Number, Transcript Order history etc.
Single Bot

Save time and reduce expenses with a single bot deployment

Delivering a personalized customer experience doesn’t have to come at the cost and time of building and maintaining multiple bots. Conditional Logic gives you the flexibility to alter how your bot interacts with different customers sparing you from having to build entirely separate bots with slight differences.

conditional logic

Multiple conditions across all channels

Conditional Logic works on all channels, though different channels can leverage their unique conditions. Use multiple conditions simultaneously to determine which path a customer will take. Stack conditions using operators (“and”, “or” and “()”), making it easy and intuitive for everyone.

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