If you’re looking for an AI chatbot capable of automating a significant portion of your frontline customer care without compromising on service quality, you’ve come to the right place. Comm100’s AI chatbot combines powerful AI with an easy-to-use, code-free UI so that you can have the confidence, control, and comfort you need to take full advantage of everything that AI has to offer.

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A bot that speaks human

Making sense of the wide range of human expression, language, and grammar (have you ever misunderstood a text message?) is critical for successful conversations between your customers and your chatbot. Comm100’s AI Chatbot uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand conversational dialog, quickly identify intent, and take relevant action to move to resolution.

So much more than an FAQ Bot

If a chatbot is to go beyond merely serving as an interactive FAQ, it must be able to do more than deliver answers; it has to take action. Comm100’s AI chatbot can help customers accomplish their goals like booking tickets and making payments through seamless connections to your other business systems. All of this adds up to a chatbot that does so much more than answer basic questions – it gets stuff done!

Human-guided machine learning

The secret to any good AI chatbot is its ability to learn from conversations. Just like school, your bot needs someone to check on its answers from time to time. The Comm100 AI console features a simple interface that lets you train your chatbot on the more complex questions quickly and easily – no data science degree needed! Because you’ve got other important work to do.

Bot-Agent cooperation

Everyone knows that not all conversations are meant for bots. When your visitors have especially complex needs, or a VIP logs on, you want to be able to take the reins of a chat or at least monitor the conversation. Comm100’s AI chatbot offers complete control over which conversations it handles, and when it hands a conversation over to it’s human counterparts.

Engage with customers wherever they are

Serve your customers on their preferred channels including Live Chat, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp for Business, and SMS with Comm100’s world-class AI chatbot. You can use different bots for different channels depending on your use cases. Once enabled, bot will be providing help to your customers in any channel, anywhere.

Comprehensive AI Chatbot reporting

Comm100 provides a robust reporting suite that allows you to measure the performance of your AI chatbot. Detailed reports into the number of chats taken by Chatbot, how confident it is with in its responses, and how helpful your visitors find its answers help you to improve your chatbot overtime. It also includes comparative reports between bots and agents, so you can understand how the bot measures up to its human counterparts.