Agent Assist is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps your agents respond to customer queries more quickly, more accurately, and more confidently than ever before. Agent Assist monitors your live chat conversations, understands the questions visitors ask, and suggests the answers from your knowledge base, canned messages, and chatbot intents. Agent Assist is simple to set up, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated with the Comm100 agent console.

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Comm100 Agent Assist - Deliver Better Service

Deliver Better Service

Agent Assist significantly reduces the time your agents will spend hunting for information. This means more time to focus on complex or sensitive customer inquiries. And since common interactions can be resolved in just a few clicks, your agents will be able to handle more chats, which means shorter queues and faster resolution for your customers.

Comm100 Agent Assist - Agent'sNewBestFriend

Automate Workflows to Enhance Efficiency

Many common service requests – order tracking, account management, balance checking and more – require agents to work through a set of questions and hunt through external databases. Agent Assist includes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to simplify how information is collected and processed, allowing your agents to focus on queries that require more personal attention.

Comm100 Agent Assist - TrainAgentFaster

Train Agents Faster

Whether it’s a new agent’s first day on the job or an experienced agent’s first time supporting a new product or service, Agent Assist helps guide their learning. Your agents will get up to speed faster, and you can be confident that questions will always be answered accurately and in your brand’s voice.

Comm100 Agent Assist - TrainAgentFaster

Easy Setup and Maintenance

With Agent Assist you can get up and running in minutes. Simply select the knowledge resources you want to use, and your agents will start receiving suggestions during chats. What’s more, Agent Assist gets smarter on its own by observing your agents’ chat behavior — whenever an agent uses a suggestion in response to a visitor question, Agent Assist notices and improves its suggestion confidence.

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