Comm100 Bot & Automation
One chatbot, every channel

“Build once, deploy often.” Our credo ensures that you can leverage the power of your Comm100 AI Chatbot platform across live chat, social media, and SMS. That’s productivity you can count on.

Comm100 Bot & Automation
Conversations are just the beginning

You need more than just idle chit-chat – you need a virtual agent that can answer questions quickly and accurately, process transactions, and get things done without escalation. You need a powerful, integrated Comm100 AI chatbot for website, social media & SMS.

Comm100 Bot & Automation
The industry’s most powerful on-premise chatbot

You read that right – you can have an on-premise live chat or omnichannel deployment and a fully functional AI-powered chatbot. Only from Comm100.

Comm100 Bot & Automation
From Agent to Super-Agent

Imagine agents who never have to search for answers, who can automate workflows to they can focus on the tougher conversations. That’s Comm100 Agent Assist, the most helpful AI-powered agent productivity tool you’ve ever seen.

Comm100 Bot & Automation
Close the knowledge gap

No one knows which answers are missing from your resources better than your customer service agents. Agent Assist lets them flag missing topics with a single click so you can plug the holes and up your game.

Comm100 Bot & Automation
We’re with you all the way

Our team of professional AI architects will help you design and maintain your AI chatbot app for optimal performance. Let us take care of the plumbing so you focus on your customers.

AI chatbot

It’s the ability to understand not just the words but the intent behind them that marks the difference between a good chatbot and a great one. Comm100 AI-powered chat uses the most advanced NLP engine available to deliver reliable, accurate, and proven results.

Agent assist

Agent Assist is a powerful AI application that reads incoming queries, determines the topic, and suggest answers to agents right inside the agent console. Customer satisfaction is just a click away!

The Comm100 bot has allowed us to not only effectively manage the increase in chat volume, but it’s also saved us a considerable amount of money by not having to hire a lot more agents.

– Richard Branson,COO, Tangerine


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