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Comm100 & MOJO-CX© – Customer Experience Covered from all Angles

Consumers expect more from their service experience than ever before. Thanks to technology, today’s consumers are surrounded by first-class customer experience (CX). As a result, they expect fast, convenient, and accurate support from every brand they interact with. On top of this, they are also using multiple touchpoints to complete a complex journey before any purchase and throughout service.

The partnership between Comm100 and MOJO-CX© empowers organizations to deliver this experience, while providing full visibility across all channels like never before. By combining Comm100’s digital omnichannel platform with MOJO-CX©’s conversation analytics and journey orchestration and coaching tools, companies can optimize their communication offering faster than ever and make agility a key competitive advantage.

Comm100 integrates every key digital channel into one platform, including live chat, secure messaging, email, social media, SMS, AI powered bots and automation. By utilizing the data from every channel, teams can continually shape and evolve each customer journey to meet ever-changing needs and demands.

“We’re thrilled to be entering a partnership with Comm100”, says Jimmy Hosang, MOJO-CX©’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Our mission to help our customers unlock their agent potential is only possible when we partner with market-leaders like Comm100. It’s a direct fit that enhances our omnichannel capabilities for our existing and prospective client base. Between the two companies we’ve already seen some excellent opportunities to make significant leaps in CX for our clients. I can’t wait to see what else the partnership brings to the table going forwards.”

By conducting full top-to-bottom analytics of your demand types, drivers of sentiment and friction points, the partnership will help organizations set up faster and more efficiently, creating an always-on approach to data feedback that drives:

  • lower operational costs
  • better customer experiences (as measured by NPS)
  • enhanced used of data across the company

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To find out how you can improve customer experience with a complete omnichannel communication offering, visit MOJO-CX© today.



Comm100 is a global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement software for education, government and commercial organizations of all sizes. With Comm100, organizations can provide excellent digital customer experiences through configurable, value-driven live chat, secure messaging, AI powered bots and automation within one integrated console. Comm100 is powered by zero downtime, the highest standards in security, and AI automation, ensuring customers get answers anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Comm100, visit:


Kate Rogerson

Content Manager, Comm100