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Comm100 Launches Secure Messaging for Regulated Industries to Provide Secure Communications with Service Efficiency

April 19th, 2022, Vancouver, B.C. – Comm100, a global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement software for mid-market and enterprise organizations, has launched Secure Messaging, a messaging platform that can be integrated into authorized contact portals so organizations can meet strict security & privacy compliances, while delivering efficient service.

Regulated industries must meet the highest security and privacy standards when communicating with customers digitally, yet this poses challenges. Email is susceptible to many security risks, particularly identity theft and poor private information protection. Likewise, social media messaging channels lack sufficient security measures. As a result, these organizations often resort to outdated contact portals that lack functionality and hinder efficiency productivity.

Comm100 Secure Messaging solves these communication security challenges. By embedding a secure, feature-rich and UX-streamlined messaging platform into the contact portal, agents can efficiently handle service requests, while adhering to the organizations’ security policies. Comm100 Secure Messaging complies with the highest security standards including:

  • Regulatory compliance for Banking & Finance, Higher Education, Government & Public Services, Insurance and Healthcare
  • Single Sign-On
  • Secure Archiving
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Malware Control
  • High Availability/Disaster Recovery
  • Redact Sensitive Information.

To find out more about Comm100 Secure Messaging, click here.


Comm100 is a global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement software for education, government and commercial organizations of all sizes. With Comm100, organizations can provide excellent digital customer experiences through configurable, value-driven live chat, secure messaging, AI powered bots and automation within one integrated console. Comm100 is powered by zero downtime, the highest standards in security, and AI automation, ensuring customers get answers anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Comm100, visit:


Kate Rogerson

Content Manager, Comm100