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Telecom companies understand the benefits of multiple contact points with their customers. Comm100 significantly increases agent efficiency and reduces costs for telecom customer service & support by offering flexibility over traditional phone contact.

Improve Your Bottom Line

The Telecom industry is extremely competitive, and as a result, margins are often razor thin. Unlike traditional telephone systems, live chat allows your telecom customer support agents to interact with multiple customers simultaneously. As a result, Comm100 Live Chat requires fewer agents than traditional phone support which reduces costs significantly.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Fast, Scalable and Reliable

Whether your company is already established and has hundreds (or even thousands) of agents, or if it’s a small, up-and-coming telecom, scalability in a live chat system is essential. Comm100 Live Chat is an effective solution for enterprises with thousands of agents. With Comm100 Live Chat, adding agents and departments is straightforward, and our patent pending MaximumOn™ technology ensures that your live chat solution is always available.

Fast, Scalable and Reliable

Advanced Routing Options

Most telecom companies offer a wide range of products for consumers and businesses while providing support for both pre-sales and post sales. Therefore it is important that support divisions have teams that specialize in providing service and support for different products.

With Comm100, you have complete control over how and to whom chat requests are routed. Regardless of the size of your support team, Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD) and custom chat routing rules enable your enterprise to route chats quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Support Structure for Telecom Customer Service

Comprehensive Reporting

Large enterprise support teams need simple and thorough methods to gauge the effectiveness and success of a live chat system. With Comm100, managers have instant access to comprehensive reports to evaluate efficiency, performance and other metrics. Important metrics such as agent efficiency and workload, customer satisfaction, queues and waiting times and chat distribution provide valuable insight that helps to increase efficiency, productivity and morale.

Comprehensive Reporting for Telecom Customer Support

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