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With all the competition that’s peppering the industry, the quality of your customer service can set your telecommunications firm apart, or leave it trailing behind the rest. Today’s customers don’t only want a great telecommunications service – they want effortless, accessible support when they need it, delivered through a communication channel which suits their needs.

Live chat beats other channels for preferred communication channel amongst customers, immediacy of response, and overall customer satisfaction – and it’s cheaper, too. You can use our live chat solution to reduce your phone and email queues, increase revenue, and strengthen your omnichannel support strategy.

Automatic Chat Routing

From cable to wireless, most telcos offer a wide-range of services. For customers, reaching the appropriate service department with ease can have a huge impact on their satisfaction.

With Comm100 Live Chat’s Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD), you can ensure chats are routed to the right agent as efficiently as possible. Our ACD is fully customizable, allowing you to set-up your own routing parameters based on service-type, geographic location and more.
Automatic Chat Routing

Customer Satisfaction Insights

In the fast-moving telecom industry, keeping your customers happy is key to your competitive edge. With Comm100 Live Chat’s rating report you can gain invaluable insight on how your customers rate your chat service over any given period. And because our reports can be run in real-time, you can quickly gain actionable metrics to help you adjust your efforts on-the-fly in order to keep every customer happy.

Customer Satisfaction Insights

Convenient Mobile Apps

Your customers live busy on-the-go lives and increasingly want the convenience of mobile support from their telecom providers. With Comm100 Live Chat’s mobile chat feature, customers can easily reach your agents via their iOS or Android mobile devices. And when away from their desktops, your agents can seamlessly serve your customers via their own mobile units too.

Convenient Mobile Apps

Reel in the Sales

Live chat is all about serving customers – that includes facilitating your visitors’ researching and purchasing processes. In other words, live chat can help you generate sales.

Our live chat console shows whether this is a visitor’s first time on your website, what pages they have been on and for how long, what they searched to find your website, and more. You can use this information to target key visitors and deliver a personalized service to those who are most likely to make a purchase. A quick, proactive, “Hi, can I help you?” can open the doors to up-sells, cross-sells, and sealing the deal with a customer who may have otherwise been lost to a competitor.

Reel in the Sales

Live Chat for Telecom Industry

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