• Live Chat for Tech Industry

    Live Chat for Tech Industry

    Secure, reliable live chat for
    industry-leading customer engagement

Today’s Tech customers are more digitally savvy than ever before, and they expect technical services to meet their needs quickly and securely. To stay ahead of the pack, Tech businesses must have innovative customer service tools that help them meet their customers’ needs and queries on demand.

Live chat is an easy, effective customer service solution that will give you all of the reports, stats, and features that you need to ensure that your customers are happy and well-attended to every step of their journey.

Security Backed Chatting

Security is one of the most critical concerns facing Tech enterprises today. With phishing attacks, ransomware scams and other cyber threats on the rise, the use of substandard technology can quickly compromise a businesses’ ability to safely secure their customer data — and live chat is no exception.

Fully PCI DSS compliant, our chat software allows your agents to securely request confidential customer information over live chat. We never store any of that data, meaning your agents are only able to access private information while the chat is live. With Comm100 Live Chat, you can confidently provide your customers with the secure customer service they need.

Security Backed Chatting

Matching Customer Expectations in a Digital Economy

The digital economy is here, and so is the demand for fast, accessible, and deeply personalized online service. For service-based industries like IT, who juggle multiple clients simultaneously, matching these new demands can be especially challenging. But whatever the expectation, live chat has a way to help you meet it.

Unlike phone support, where agents can realistically only respond to one call at a time, live chat makes it possible to field multiple requests at once, reducing customer wait time. Our Visitor Single Sign-On feature further hastens the process by automatically linking your customers to chat support as soon as they log onto your website. And for complex customer requests, our Remote Desktop Sharing feature will make your customers feel like you’re sitting beside them while delivering live tutorials and tech support.

Matching Customer Expectations in a Digital Economy

Customer Service from Anywhere

The mobile revolution has drastically changed customer expectations for service delivery. Today, customers want to reach their tech support from anywhere. With Comm100 Live Chat’s mobile chat feature, customers can quickly get in touch with you while on the go. Our mobile app also means your agents can easily serve customers from their own mobile devices when they’re away from their computers.

Do More in Less Time

Expand Your Team on the Fly

With tech staffing shortages left and right, Tech service firms are being pressed to find the customer support talent they need to keep up with their fluctuating project and client loads. Say goodbye to team capacity stress with our Cloud-based live chat tool. No matter how your workload changes, you can rest easy knowing that our tool enables the quick plug-in of contract support workers as you need them.

Expand Your Team on the Fly

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