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  • Live Chat for Public Services

    Live Chat Software for
    Government Customer Service

    Engage people while saving taxpayer dollars.

Modern technology is changing the way people engage with government customer service departments, with the goal to provide faster and better service for less taxpayer dollars. Comm100 enables government offices and agencies to engage online, eliminating long queues both at service locations and over the phone.

Increase Confidence in Government Services

Many government agencies have a negative reputation caused by long queues, slow service and inadequate access to resources. Comm100 can increase the efficiency of your organization by providing access to quality information, resources, services and answers online. Comm100 can decrease wait times at the branch and over the phone, and improve client satisfaction through increased organization and quick access to information.

Increase Confidence and Satisfaction with Government Customer Service

Save Taxpayer Dollars

Government agencies are obligated to spend taxpayer dollars ethically and responsibly, which means implementing support tools that are both affordable and efficient. Comm100 allows government agency agents and agents to handle multiple chats simultaneously using tools such as canned messages, shortcuts and other cost-saving features. Multi-tasking through Comm100 Live Chat allows the agency to provide more support with less manpower and support costs.

Software for Government to Save Taxpayers Money

Build Dependability and Reliability

Comm100’s MaximumOn™ technology ensures 100% uptime – guaranteed. This means no server outages, maintenance issues or other problems. Simply put, Comm100 Live Chat is always there when it is needed.

Dependable and Reliable

Secure Communication

Comm100 Live Chat implements state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption, protecting the individuals that contact you through our live chat system. This ensures that sensitive information communicated with agents through government websites will always remain safe and secure.

Secure Communications with Citizens

Deliver efficient and effective government customer service with Comm100 Live Chat.