• Live Chat for Financial Service

    Live Chat for Financial Service

    Save dollars and beat the competition
    with finance-focused live chat

Money makes the world go around. It lubricates the engine of business and turns the gears of industry. Such an important sector of the economy requires the very best security features, the most efficient support systems, and flawless delivery. With the massive uptake of Financial Technology (FinTech) deployment within the industry there has been a bull rush of support software companies competing to deliver to the unique requirements of the financial sector. With customer expectations higher than ever, the cost-benefit argument for state-of-the-art customer engagement strategy has never been clearer.

Security Doesn’t Stop at the Bank-Vault Door

No matter the size of the organization the expectation is the same: iron-clad security.

Identity theft, browser hijacking, man in the middle attacks – these are the uncertainties that kill economic activity. With so much importance riding on technological tools, Comm100 Live Chat is not only aware of security technologies, we are also leading the way with implementation, deploying Single Sign-On (SSO), HTTPS with Secure Socket Layer (SSL), PCI Compliance, and a host of other protocols that meet industry requirements and keep data secure between you and your customers.

Enterprise organizations are especially sensitive to data security. At Comm100 we know this, which is why we offer seamless and easy on-site deployment. With on-site deployment you can make sure that the software you use is under your control and safely behind your firewall.

Security Doesn’t Stop at the Bank-Vault Door

Always Ready

With digital transactions occurring at the speed of light you can’t afford a second of downtime, even with your customer engagement platform. Comm100 Live Chat’s MaximumOn service guarantees 100% uptime for our customer support system. With our software, you will never have to contend with server problems, maintenance issues or other technical outages. Comm100 Live Chat is always there when your customers need it.

100% uptime for our customer support system

…To Cut Costs

By implementing live chat, you could save 17-30% of what you spend offering phone support alone. Couple those cost savings with the lead generating power of live chat, and you are well on your way to transforming your customer support department from a drain to an asset.

Taking advantage of modern chat support will free up resources to improve metrics across the board, enable better analytics and data-mining, as well as give existing staff more opportunity to use those resources to turn customer satisfaction into customer delight.

for to cut costs

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Less than half of Americans (48%) trust their banking provider with their financial information. With levels of skepticism so high, it is increasingly important to build a solid relationship between your company and your customers. In an age where a growing percentage of customers are seeking to include or rely on digital methods for interacting with their financial institution, live chat can reaffirm your company’s commitment to be there for its customers in their time of need.

Put Your Best Foot Forward
“The members are using chat in a variety of ways. They are using it for everything as they would if they had called in, reset their online banking, inquire about their account, or find out when their loan payment is due. They are using it just as if they were picking up the phone and dialing to talk to us. It all makes a difference. They can ask a question and get an answer right away.”


Affinity Credit Union

Still Not Convinced?

Download the PDF to find more use cases and benefits of live chat in the finance industry.

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Save dollars and beat the competition
with Comm100 Live Chat.