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  • Live Chat for E-Commerce/Sales

    Live Chat for e-Commerce/Sales

    Reduce costs while increasing efficiency,
    sales and improving ecommerce customer service

For companies who want to compete in today’s online marketplace and increase e-commerce sales, live chat is no longer just an option; it’s essential. While there are a number of reasons why some e-commerce sites perform better than others, effective communication and support is certainly one of the biggest and most important.

Increase Ecommerce Sales

A Telus International study shows that 67% percent of online consumers prefer to buy from companies that use live chat on their websites and 63% of respondents indicated they would return to websites with live chat. If your site is not using live chat to help increase ecommerce sales, then you company is missing the potential to close more sales and generate greater revenue.

Increase Ecommerce Sales

Reduce Costs While Increasing Efficiency

Even the best agent can only help one customer at a time through phone support; which means considerable manpower is needed for large e-commerce sites. With Comm100 Live Chat, agents are able to multi-task efficiently and handle multiple chats simultaneously. This means fewer agents are able to handle more support requests, which results in lower support costs and increased profits.

Reduce Costs While Increasing Efficiency

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Using our Automatic Chat Distribution(ACD) feature, you can define rules that route chat requests to a specific person or department based on your needs. Combining ACD with the Backup Department feature, you can ensure that the right person is available for your customers. With the mobile app, extend your hours of operation to improve your ecommerce customer service.

Improve Ecommerce Customer Service

Know What Your Visitors Want

Valuable information, such as geo-location, browser type, time on site (and individual pages) and even which pages visitors are currently viewing, enables agents see what potential customers are interested in and provide help when needed. With the Custom Variable feature, Comm100 Live Chat shows the contents and value of your customers’ shopping carts in real time, which lets agents step in and provide suggestions when appropriate or needed.

Know What Your Visitors Want

Be Proactive

Agents can initiate proactive invitations manually or you can create pre-defined rules to send them out automatically. For instance, you can create a rule to send a message after a visitor visits your site and stays for a pre-determined length of time or you might want to send out a message if your visitor pauses for a while on a checkout page. Comm100 Live Chat helps with that gentle nudge to close the sale.

Proactive invitations through Comm100 Live Chat also give your agents valuable opportunities to upsell or cross-sell. By proactively inviting visitors to chat, agents have a chance to build rapport by answering questions or providing thoughtful suggestions. This type of interaction often results in higher shopping cart values and more repeat business.

Be Proactive - Reach Out!

Convert more visitors into buyers
with Comm100 Live Chat.