Comm100 Live Chat Salesforce Integration

[White Paper] A User Guide to Comm100 Live Chat Salesforce Integration

Looking up customer information in Salesforce can greatly enhance your team’s sales or customer service operations. But efficiency can be compromised if live chat agents are switching between applications when chatting with customers. It can also be time-consuming for agents to record customer data collected from various contact points (phone, live chat, email, etc.) to Salesforce.

Our seamless integration with Salesforce can provide you with convenience and ease-of-use. With this integration:

  • Customer data can be transferred to Salesforce automatically as configured
  • Existing customers can be recognized automatically during chat sessions in agent console
  • Agents can access customer information from Salesforce right in agent console
  • A contact/lead/case can be automatically created when a chat ends or an offline message is received
  • A contact/lead/case can be manually created when a chat ends
  • Salesforce fields can be used to create chat routing rules

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