Monitor Website Visitors in Real Time

Comm100 Live Chat helps monitor your website visitors via its built-in visitor tracking mechanism. In addition, you can collect more visitor information from other channels. This enables you to better understand your visitors and provide personalized service.

“One of the things I love most is the very sophisticated marketing data we get from chats. When someone comes to our website, I can see how he found us, that he has made three visits, is on Windows XP, using Chrome, and from this area. For us it’s been great!”
Scott Systems

Mark Giraud

President, Scott Systems

Which Pages Your Visitors Are Browsing

Track visitors’ footprints as they move from one web page to another. Besides the pages visitors are currently on, you can also see the pages they previously visited and the pages they entered on. Therefore, you can have a full picture of visitors’ navigation behaviors.

Which Pages Your Visitors are Browsing

Where Your Visitors Are Located

Get visitors’ geographical information including city, state and country. By knowing where your visitors are located, you can tailor your communication to be more relevant to the specific locations.

Where Your Visitors are Located

How Your Visitors Found You

See visitors’ referring URLs or the search engines they used to find your website. By knowing what content leads visitors to your website, you can adjust your marketing strategy to attract more prospects.

How Your Visitors Have Found You

How Many Times Your Visitors Have Visited Your Website

View the visit times of each visitor on your website to differentiate repeat visitors from new ones. The number of visit times is a clear indicator of visitors’ interests in your products or business. You can invite those who visit multiple times to chat with you.

How Many Times Your Visitors Have Visited Your Website

Whether Your Visitors Have Contacted You Before

Check if the visitors have contacted you before and access the chat transcripts and offline messages right from the chat console. By reviewing the previous contact history, you can quickly familiarize yourself with a visitor’s situation without asking repetitive questions.

Improve Chat Efficiency - Contact History

Custom Filter

Custom Filter allows you to define a specific search by your own rules so that you can quickly locate the group of visitors you want to target. Visitor data that can be used to create rules includes:

  • Identification info – Name, Email, Visitor Segment
  • Status info – Status, Auto Invitation
  • Geographic info – City, State, Country/Region, Time Zone
  • Behavioral info – Current Page URL, Campaign, Landing Page URL, Current Page Browsing Time, Visit Time, Wait Time, Chat Time, Total Time, #of Pages, Visits, Chats
  • Source info – Referrer URL, Search Engine, Search Keywords
  • Chat info – Agents, Department, Product/Service
  • Custom Variables – All the custom variables set up in your account
Custom Filter

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