Live Chat Surveys

You can set up live chat surveys to learn details about your visitors and gather their comments on your chat service. Live chat survey reports are available to help you better understand your customers.

Set up your pre-chat survey to collect visitor’s information before chatting. You can ask for information such as name, email, account ID, the purpose of the chat and any other information that helps you provide personalized service.

Pre-Chat Survey

Enable the rating option and design your survey questions to gain your visitor’s feedback on the chat service they’ve received. You can also check the rating and survey question reports to get insights into areas that need improvement.

Post-Chat Survey

Agent Wrap-up allows agents to assign categories and add comments to chats during and after chat sessions. Comments allow agents to leave important reminders for themselves and others, and categories mean much faster chat history searches and better organization. And you can easily locate each chat in your chat archives by wrap-up fields. This helps you manage your chats and retrieve chats of any category whenever you need them for reviewing, training and other purposes. Learn more

Agent Wrap-up

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