Live Chat Social Media Integration

Visitors Can Chat with Facebook or Google+ Accounts

Comm100 Live Chat integrates with Facebook and Google+. Therefore, your visitor can initiate chats with his/her Facebook or Google+ account without having to fill out a pre-chat survey.

Start Chatting with Facebook or Google+ Account

Instead of filling out a pre-chat survey, your visitor can start chatting using his/her Facebook or Google+ account information. After a visitor logs in, his/her name and email are captured automatically and displayed in your chat console. This simplifies and streamlines chat initiations for your visitors, encourages more chat requests from visitors and enables you to learn your visitors’ identities without asking.

Sign in with Social Media Accounts

Live Chat on Facebook Page

Place your chat button on your Facebook Page so that visitors can start chats directly from Facebook while browsing your page content. Facebook integration can help you gain additional source of chats.

Place Chat Button in Facebook

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