Comm100 Live Chat Facebook and Twitter Integration

Manage Your Social Media Customer Service from Your Live Chat Dashboard

Running a new customer engagement channel doesn’t have to be difficult. Integrate your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts within your live chat dashboard to allow your agents to handle social media queries with ease – available for free for all Enterprise shared server clients.

Better Workflows

Our integration allows you to implement a well-organized social media workflow which cuts down on the number of systems, screens and passwords that your agents have to handle, and gives you a clear view of the messages and replies being sent to and from your teams. It’s cleaner and more efficient than working with Facebook and Twitter in their native applications.

Social Media Better Workflows

Sort, Filter, Label & Prioritize

Facebook and Twitter are made for people, not businesses. They lack common tools needed to handle work within a team – for example the ability to assign cases to other agents, pend awaiting responses, or add notes visible within a back-end interface.

Our social media integration does all of these things – allowing you to sort, filter, label and prioritize cases, helping to make social media case work a breeze for you and your team.

Sort Filter Label Prioritize

Conversation History at Your Fingertips

It’s not always easy to see the history of a conversation in Facebook or Twitter – different methods of getting in touch (e.g. wall post versus direct message) mean that it can be tough to see how a customer’s contact has played out over time.

It’s easy to see the history of a communication thread within our interface. And wrap-up notes can be added too, to help agents handle future queries from that customer in a more personalized, context-aware way.

Social Media Conversation History

Safe and Secure Login Information

Running social media through their native websites can be tricky for enterprises – agents need to share logins, keep record of different logins for different accounts, and spend time logging in and out of sites manually.

Not only does this waste time, but it’s a security risk too – what would happen if an agent carelessly left login details lying around? With integrated social media, agents only need to use their single live chat login to access and respond to social media queries – no matter how many Facebook and Twitter accounts you handle.

Safe Secure Login

Set Up and Go

Once you’ve entered your account information into your dashboard, your Facebook and Twitter queries will be pulled into a special tab within your agents’ interface. That’s it – no more customization is required to get your social media channel up and running.

Set Up Social Media Integration

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