Proactively Invite Visitors to Chat

Comm100 Live Chat supports proactive chat invitation per your business rules. By engaging your website visitors through proactive chats, you can potentially turn more visitors into customers.

A Forrester research shows that investment in reactive chat produces a return on investment (ROI) of 15%, while an additional investment in proactive chat capabilities will produce an incremental 105% ROI.

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You can manually invite visitors to chat with you when you think it’s appropriate. For example, you can invite a visitor who has visited your website 3 times, or who has been on the order confirmation page for 30 seconds. For each manual invitation, you can type a personalized invitation message with specific information relevant to your visitor. Learn more

Proactive Chat

Time-on-Site Auto Chat Invitation

Automatically invite visitors to chat based on the time duration spent on your website. For example, if a visitor has stayed on your site for over 60 seconds, then an agent can automatically offer him/her assistance regarding pricing, special promotions, or contact options.

Time-on-Site Auto Chat Invitation

Chat invitation can be sent automatically based on pre-defined rules. This frees you from manually identifying the target visitors and sending invitations, and ensures that no target visitors are missed. You can have multiple auto invitation rules. Learn more

Rule-Based Auto Chat Invitation

8 Proactive Chat Best Practices with Ready-to-Use Scripts

A poorly implemented proactive chat practice can be annoying, while an informed, friendly and timely invitation will bring in more sales opportunities as well as increase customer satisfaction. This post discusses the key elements of an effective proactive chat strategy: metrics, scenarios, and refinements.

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