Manual Chat Invitation

Comm100 Live Chat allows you to analyze visitor data collected from multiple channels right inside the chat console and invite target visitors to chat manually. Rule-based auto chat invitation is also available when you want to send chat invitation to a certain group of visitors automatically.

Target Visitors

Comm100 Live Chat collects visitor data from multiple channels and allows you to view visitor details inside your chat console. This lets you find target visitors quickly and send chat invitations.

Visitor Info

Set Invitation Image

Comm100’s chat invitation appears as an image. Choose the invitation image that fits your website to give visitors a feeling of consistency and confidence. You can create invitations with different styles catering to different websites.

Personalized Auto Chat Invitation

Personalize Invitation Message

Before sending a chat invitation to a target visitor, you can refer to the visitor’s identity information and create a personalized invitation message that resonates with the visitor.

Manual Chat Invitation - Personalize Invitation Message

8 Proactive Chat Best Practices with Ready-to-Use Scripts

A Forrester research study shows that investment in reactive chat produces a return on investment (ROI) of 15%, while an additional investment in proactive chat capabilities will produce an incremental 105% ROI. And you can do even better by knowing when to invite visitors to chat and what to say.

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