Customize Your Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat can be fully customized to create a consistent and professional branding image that matches your website’s look and feel.

“The look and feel of the live chat function was easily customized to our brand.”
Wathan Minswe

Dan Oakley

Sales Manager, VARIDESK UK

Use your own images or choose from a gallery of well-designed images provided by Comm100. You can also choose from an animated chat button style. With our designs, your chat buttons will fit your website style and attract your visitors’ attention.

Chat Button - Customize Your Live Chat

Choose from three different chat window designs – Classic, Circle and Lightweight.

Three Different Chat Window Styles - Customize Your Live Chat

Chat Window Headers

Display your agent avatar, title and company logo in the chat window header to create a sense of personalization and professionalism.

Chat Window Headers - Customize Your Live Chat

Textured Backgrounds

Choose from a number of different chat window backgrounds to match the look and feel of your website.

Textured Backgrounds - Customize Your Live Chat

Custom CSS

You can use your own CSS code to create a chat window that fully reflects your branding and preferences.

Custom CSS - Customize Your Live Chat

Define what information should be collected in your offline message window, and specify which email addresses offline messages are sent to. Or alternatively, you can redirect your visitors to your own contact form when you go offline.

Offline Message Window - Customize Your Live Chat

Use your own images and greeting messages to proactively reach out to your visitors. You can either manually invite target visitors to chat with you, or set up rules to automatically send out the chat invitations. Learn more

Choose from three different styles of proactive chat invitations to reach out to your visitors when they need your help most.

Proactive Chat Invitation Styles - Customize Your Live Chat

Set up a pre-chat survey to have your visitors provide you with their contact details or any other information you need before chatting.

You can use the information given by your visitors in a pre-chat survey to direct chats to relevant departments or agents based on custom rules.

Pre-Chat Survey - Customize Your Live Chat

Enable the rating option and design your own post-chat survey questions to gather your visitor’s feedback on the chat service they’ve received.

Post-Chat Survey - Customize Your Live Chat

Change the language on the visitor side of the chat interface to any language you need to deliver a localized customer experience. There are 13 built-in languages for you to choose from, allowing your team to handle multilingual transactions.

Watch How to Customize Language
Multiple Languages - Customize Your Live Chat

Comm100 chat buttons and windows are mobile friendly, both in size and layout. Your visitors will have a smooth chat experience when accessing your website through mobile devices. Learn more

Mobile Friendly - Customize Your Live Chat

You can dynamically change your live chat designs for different customer bases or websites. This offers flexibility when you want to have unique live chat designs for different purposes. For example, you can:

  • Show different languages to visitors based on what language they speak
  • Have different pre-chat surveys to collect different information from visitors and paying customers
  • Have different live chat designs for different websites

Dynamic options mean that whatever your needs for different types chat buttons, pre-chat surveys, chat windows or other designs for different types of visitors, you can handle them all.

Dynamic Live Chat Designs - Customize Your Live Chat

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