Adding a Chatbot to your live chat allows you to deliver round-the-clock service and support, handling a high percentage of inquiries automatically. You have total control over the questions and answers your Chatbot handles, using the question base from within your Comm100 dashboard.

Benefits of Running a Chatbot

The Comm100 Chatbot can be used as a first line of support to automatically answer queries from your customer base, leaving your live chat agents to only handle the most complex of queries. With our Chatbot you can:

  • Shorten handle times by handling customer enquiries more quickly
  • Lower service costs by reducing your reliance on human agents
  • Extend your service to 24 hours by allowing Chatbot to handle queries while your agents are offline
  • Upskill your team, letting them focus only on complex queries which can’t be handled by your Chatbot
  • Decrease agent training time for basic tasks that can be handled by your Chatbot
Benefit from Running a Chatbot

Setting Up Your Chatbot

You can set up your Chatbot easily through your dashboard, assigning it with a name, avatar, and appropriate greeting messages, allowing you to personalize your Chatbot’s look and feel to mirror your branding.

Set Up Your Chatbot

Out-of-Hours Service and Queue Management

You can tell your Chatbot when you want it to take chats – either based on a fixed percentage of all chats, or you can set it up to take chats when the queue length hits a certain number.

You can also set up Chatbot to take queries while your agents are offline, helping you to provide customer support around the clock.

Chatbot Allocation

Setting Questions for Chatbot to Answer

Personalize your Chatbot’s responses by filling in your most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Questions can be bulk imported from your existing FAQs, and you can also create your Chatbot’s questions from your chat transcripts.

For example, if customers commonly ask, “What are your cut-offs for shipping?”, you can instruct Chatbot to answer “Orders placed before 5 PM will be packaged and shipped the same day. Orders placed after this time will be shipped the next day.”

Chatbot can use text, links, images and video to help it clearly explain a variety of query types and concepts to your customer base.

The more questions you give Chatbot to learn, the more accurate it will be in fetching the right answers.

Set Questions for Chatbot to Answer

Perform Personalized Business Functions

When your Chatbot has high confidence in an answer being supplied, Chatbot can reference your own database to provide helpful, personalized information to your customers.

Some examples of customer questions you can set up include:

  • What was the amount of my last bill?
  • What is the tracking number for my order?
  • What’s my shipping address?
  • When is my next payment due?
  • What telephone number do you have on my record?

Chatbot can also perform basic business functions, such as making bookings or completing transactions.

Perform Personalized Business Functions

Nature Language Processing (NLP)

We’ve used Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to infuse our bot with a better knowledge of how humans use language.

NLP allows chatbots to better understand the meaning and intent of a phrase, and deliver appropriate responses based on this. For example, Chatbot can recognize that “what’s the pricing of” and “how much is” are the same intent, and deliver consistent, correct responses no matter how customer questions are worded.

Chatbot Answer Confidence

Switching between Chatbot and Agents

You can choose whether you want visitors to be able to switch to an agent-led service after they are assigned a chat with your Chatbot.

If you decide to, visitors can switch to an agent chat at any time. Or, you can disable this option so your visitors meet the Chatbot as a first line service, keeping your agents available only for queries that the Chatbot cannot answer.

Switching between Chatbot and Agents

Helping Your Chatbot to Learn

You can access a range of data relating to how your Chatbot handles visitor questions, to help it become more accurate over time.

  • Review all questions Chatbot failed to recognize or were marked as Not Helpful by Visitors
  • Review chat transcripts between Chatbot and visitors
  • Review visitor ratings of Chatbot as helpful or unhelpful
Help Your Chatbot to Learn

Real-Time Chatbot Quality Assurance

At any time, you can monitor or take over Chatbot’s chats – helping you to understand exactly how your Chatbot is handling real-life customer queries.

You can also set up your Chatbot service so agents can be notified about certain categories of visitor questions, helping your team to keep tabs on the visitor questions which matter most.

Real-Time Chatbot Quality Assurance

Chatbot Reporting

You can view a number of different Chatbot reports:

  • Number of chats taken by Chatbot
  • Accurate and possible answers Chatbot returns
  • Helpful and not helpful visitor ratings on Chatbot
  • Chatbot satisfaction ratings

This tells you how Chatbot has helped reduce your agent workload, the accuracy of your Chatbot answers, and visitor satisfaction with your Chatbot.

You can also review a range of comparative reports which compare how your Chatbot performs compared to your human agents:

  • Total Chats
  • Average Chat Time
  • Average Rating

This side-by-side visibility helps you to make better resourcing and management decisions, and helps you to ensure you’re getting the best value from both your Chatbot and human teams.

Chatbot Reporting

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