Route Chat to the Right Agent

Besides the following fundamental chat routing functions, Comm100 also provides an advanced Auto Chat Distribution (ACD) feature, which is designed for large teams with sophisticated chat routing requirements.

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Comm100 provides you with the ability to route an incoming chat request to the right agent. This saves the time of transferring a chat and improves customers’ chat experience.

Route Chats by Department Selection in Pre-Chat Survey

Visitors chat for various reasons, from a simple yes/no question to a complicated billing issue. Set up your pre-chat survey to allow visitors to select the department they wish to chat with for a solution.

Route Chats by Department Selection in Pre-Chat Survey

Route Chats by Chat Buttons

Create dedicated chat buttons for your departments or agents so that chat requests initiated from those buttons are sent directly to the specified department or agent.

Route Chats by Chat Buttons

Accept Chats Manually or Automatically

You can have your agents manually pick up the chat requests. Or you can choose to automatically assign visitors’ chat requests to the right agents based on pre-defined rules.

Accept Chats Manually or Automatically

Assign Chats Based on Agent Capacity

You can set different maximum concurrent chats for your agents according to their capacity and efficiency. For example, you can set the maximum concurrent chats as 3 for an experienced agent, and as 1 for a new member on the team. This helps you better leverage the power of your team.

Assign Chats Based on Agent Capacity

Assign Chats to the Agent Who Previously Served the Client

Assign a chat request to the agent who last chatted with the customer to provide more personalized chat service and to speed time for resolution.

Assign Chats to the agent who Previously Served the Client

Chat Queue

When all agents have reached their maximum concurrent chats, new chat requests will enter a queue sequentially until an agent becomes available. Visitors will be notified of the estimated wait time, keeping them informed of how long they might have to wait before being connected to an agent.

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Live Chat Routing - Chat Queue

[White Paper] Comm100 Live Chat Routing

Rule-based automatic routing is one of Comm100 Live Chat’s most beneficial features for businesses. In this white paper, we will discuss some common chat routing scenarios, how they can benefit your business and how to implement them.

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