Live Chat APIs and Webhooks

Use Comm100 Live Chat APIs and Webhooks to integrate your live chat with third party systems (such as CRM, help desk, etc.) and enable seamless data sharing. An API is the interface that your app uses to call Comm100 Live Chat. A webhook is the interface that Comm100 Live Chat uses to call your app.


Share data between Comm100 Live Chat and your other systems via RESTful API calls. This helps automate some of your tasks, such as getting visitor’s information and attaching related chats/messages to the visitor in your other systems.

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Visitor Side JavaScript API

Comm100’s Visitor Side JavaScript API allows you to customize the behavior and appearance of your visitor side chat interface, including chat button, invitation, pre-chat/post-chat survey, chat window, offline message window and side-window. One common user case is to implement interdependent select fields, where the second select field changes depending on the first select field.

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Visitor Side JS API

Agent Console JavaScript API

Comm100’s Agent Console API allows you to extend the capability of your Agent Console. It helps your Agent Console Custom Extension to further interact with the Agent Console itself, such as getting information of chatting visitors, information of logged-in agents, and send messages to current chat.

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Agent Consle JS API

Integrate Comm100 Live Chat into your current workflow via webhooks, which are HTTP(s) call backs when certain events occur. For example, you can record a chat in your own system by utilizing the Chat Ended event.

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