Auto Chat Distribution (ACD)

If you’ve got a large team or you have sophisticated chat routing requirements, you may find the fundamental chat routing and assignment not sufficient to support your needs. This is where Comm100 Auto Chat Distribution (ACD) comes into play.

Comm100 Live Chat ACD lets you assign priority for chats, specify custom routing rules based on your designated paths and automatically distribute chats to the most appropriate agents.

Industry Leading Rule-Based Chat Routing

Comm100 Live Chat ACD can route your customers efficiently to the designated departments or agents based on customers’ location, source, navigation history and many other system fields. You can also use the data captured from your pre-chat survey or custom variables.

Support Diverse Routing Requirements

Based on multi-channel customer data collection, routing rules can be set up to satisfy a wide range of chat routing requirements. Below are some typical scenarios:

  • Customers from different geographic regions should be served by the resellers, partners or teams responsible for those regions.
  • VIPs may be served by a senior team while non-VIPs may be received by lower level teams.
  • Customers with different types of inquiries should be served by agents equipped with corresponding skills.
  • Customers are assigned to dedicated account managers and are served by those account managers, who know them well.

Learn more about how Comm100 Live Chat ACD assists you with these requirements.

ACD - Support Diverse Routing Requirements

Powerful Chat Assignment Algorithms

When multiple agents in a department are available simultaneously, you may want to define to whom a new chat request should be assigned. Comm100 Live Chat ACD provides powerful chat assignment algorithms, allowing you to define different chat distribution rules for different departments. A chat request can be assigned:

To the Least Busy Agent

Assign a chat request to the agent with the fewest ongoing chats to achieve workload balance.

ACD - To the Least-Busy Agent

To the Agent Who Has the Lowest Capacity Ratio

Assign a chat request to the agent with the best availability, which is determined by the maximum concurrent chats of an agent and the total number of chats this agent is currently handling.

ACD - To the Agent Who Has the Lowest Capacity Ratio

In a Round-Robin Manner

Assign chat requests to the online agents one by one sequentially to share chats evenly.

ACD - In the Round-Robin Manner

To an Agent in the Backup Department

Each department can have a backup department. When agents in the primary department are fully occupied or are offline, chat requests can be automatically distributed to an agent in the backup department.

ACD - To an Agent in the Backup Department

Queue Priority

You can assign priority for chat requests. Queued chats with a higher priority are distributed before those with a lower setting. When priority is the same for multiple chats in the queue, chats will be distributed sequentially based on the time they entered the queue. This ensures that important chats are answered first.

Route Chats by Priority

[White Paper] Comm100 Live Chat Routing

Rule-based automatic routing is one of Comm100 Live Chat’s most beneficial features for businesses. In this white paper, we will discuss some common chat routing scenarios, how they can benefit your business and how to implement them.

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