Accept Chats Automatically

Comm100 Live Chat allows you to accept visitor chat requests automatically so once a visitor initiates a chat request, he/she is connected immediately to an agent. This frees your agents from accepting chats manually, reduces wait times and helps reduce queue abandonment. Accepting chats automatically is usually employed by large teams.

Route Chats to the Right Agent

You can route visitors to the right agents directly based on your own pre-defined rules. This saves the time of transferring chats manually and improves visitor chat experiences.

ACD - Support Diverse Routing Requirements

Maximum Concurrent Chats

You can set different maximum concurrent chat levels for each agent based on individual capacity and efficiency. When an agent reaches his/her maximum number of concurrent chats, no new chats are assigned to that agent automatically. However, the agent can still pick up new chats manually if he/she needs to do so.

Assign Chats Based on Agent Capacity

Chat Queue

When all agents in a department have reached their maximum number of concurrent chats, new chat requests routed to this department will enter the chat queue automatically. Once in the queue, visitors wait sequentially until an agent becomes available; or if they don’t want to wait, they can leave offline messages instead. A chat queue report is available so you can see how many queued visitors left messages and how many abandoned the queue.

Chat Queue

Sound and Popup Notifications for New Chats

Both sound and popup notifications are available to notify agents of new chats automatically assigned to them. This ensures that no chat requests are missed.

Visual and Audio Alerts

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