Try a real Comm100 Chatbot yourself!

Here are a few we’ve built for our customers.

Tangerine Telecom

Deflecting FAQs that previously went to their sales, technical support, or customer service agents

Thompson Rivers University
Higher Education

Providing lightning-fast response times to questions from prospective students


Offering instant answers to user questions in-app, giving users instant answers to their queries


Answering product questions, demonstrating Chatbot software capabilities, and setting up sales demos

Achieva Financial
Financial Services

Reducing support load by answering FAQs and guiding customers through online banking workflows

Higher Education

Answering FAQs and directing prospective students to an admissions consultant

Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Helping job seekers with their applications on their Careers page

HomeTrust Bank
Financial Services

Answering FAQs and providing assistance with online banking on their website and mobile app

Comm100 Bank Bot
Financial Services

Delivering quick answers to product questions and providing assistance with online banking