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Human-bot Harmony
Perfect the balance of human + bot engagement

Blend the connection of human support with the efficiency of bots for optimal engagement.

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Unlock human-bot collaboration

Every team needs a combination of human and automated support. While human agents are needed for complex & personal support, automation & bots enable efficiency and scalability. Only Comm100 helps you deliver the perfect balance. 

increase support capacity

Increase support capacity at a lower cost

Automate 80%+ of queries with Comm100 AI Chatbot so your team can handle more queries, more efficiently – all without increasing support costs.

increase support capacity

Enhance customer experience

With the speed and 24/7 support of bots, combined with the personal engagements of agents, you will tick every CX box your customers expect of you.

increase support capacity

Achieve complete consistency

Comm100’s human-bot harmony gives you complete control over every interaction so customers always receive consistent and accurate support on every channel.

Balance across every interaction & every channel

Harness the power of the latest in generative AI with Comm100’s suite of automation solutions across the complete range of communication channels. Our specialists continually evaluate and adopt the best AI models and utilize multiple LLMs so our automation products always keep pace with the latest AI developments, including Generative AI. Here are just a few of Comm100’s automation solutions.

AI Chatbot

Custom Answers Chatbot

NLP-powered intelligent bot

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Generative Answers Chatbot

Generative AI bot

AI Chatbot

Agent Assist

AI-powered agent assistant

AI Chatbot

Voice Bot

AI-powered voice automation

AI Chatbot

Automated ticketing system

AI Chatbot

Smart chat & ticket routing

Automation across channels

Don’t limit the power of automation to just one or two channels. Comm100’s platform contains all the key channels under one roof so every interaction can receive the human or automated support it needs, whether that’s live chat, email, SMS, social media, or knowledge base.

omnichannel interactions
personalized engagement

Personalized engagement

With routine tasks & queries automated, agents have more time to do what they do best – provide personal and empathetic support that even the most advanced AI can’t give. Add automation tools and data into the mix, and customers can receive the personalized support that they wish for.

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“With so many chat requests, we needed our bot to handle as many chats as possible. With machine learning, the more you use it and train it, the better it becomes. And it’s worth it. At first, the bot was resolving around 50% of chats, and now on some days it’s handling more than 90% which is exceptional. If the bot can’t resolve the issue, the question immediately feeds into a learning section where I can read it and train the bot accordingly – and now, whenever that question is asked, the bot can handle it.”

Richard Branson

– Richard Branson

COO, Tangerine

Personalization that drives profit

The efficiency and cost-saving of automation is undeniable, but it should never function alone. Many inquiries will always require the human touch, whether for personal connection, empathy or creativity, that even the most advanced AI cannot provide.

data integrations

Data integrations

Agents and Comm100 chatbots can be connected to key systems (such as CRMs) to pull user data for personalized engagement and suggestions.

data integrations

Personalization tools

Comm100 offers a range of features to help agents deliver more personal support, from screen sharing and audio/video chat, to file sharing and auto-language translation.

data integrations

Visitor segmentation

Tag your visitors by order of priority so when your VIP customers return, your agents will know who they are and make sure they get the red-carpet treatment.

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