So many ways to use Task Bot

  • Self-serve troubleshooting
  • Capture leads
  • Gather registrations for events
  • Book meetings
  • Automate routine support requests
  • And more!

Finally! The 24/7 support your customers expect

  • Task Bot is your Always-On customer service agent
  • Easily program Task Bot to resolve your most commonly asked questions
  • Your customers – and your agents – will thank you!

Your round-the-clock sales assistant

  • Visitors who engage with chat are more likely to convert to customers
  • Use Task Bot to capture their contact information conversationally
  • Prioritize Task Bot leads for follow-up and grow your business!

Automate routine tasks

  • Capture names and contact information, select dates and times, and more
  • Your agents can trigger a Task Bot during any chat, eliminating boring, routine work
  • Your Task Bots keep on working 24/7, even when you’re not.

Good-bye forms, Hello conversations

  • Use Task Bot for ongoing or short-term routines, turning them on and off as needed
  • Task Bots appear right inside the chat window
  • Your visitors will prefer the chat format over a form because it’s more natural.

A snap to build and use

  • We designed Comm100’s taskbot interface for simplicity and speed, with no code or technical skills required
  • Start with one of our pre-built templates or easily create your own to suit your needs
  • Get your Task Bot active in minutes!

Included with Comm100 Free

That’s right – Comm100 Free includes as many Taskbots as you need, all for free!
Check out our How Task Bot Works video for more details.

Comm100’s free Task Bot is customizable, flexible and powerful.
Get started today!

Unlimited agents
Unlimited Task Bots
Free forever

Looking for more?

Comm100 Task Bot is just the beginning. If you’re looking for an even more powerful chatbot, we also offer an AI-powered Chatbot that pairs world-class natural language processing with industry-leading functionality.

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