Do you provide customer service via text messaging (SMS)?

Do you sometimes forget to reply to messages or miss messages entirely?

Do you have more than one person responsible for answering text messages?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need Comm100 for SMS.


The smart, simple and free way to text with your customers via SMS

  • Work more efficiently and productively by managing your SMS messages online in Comm100
  • Collaborate with your team to get the right answer
  • Respond in real time or when ready
  • Never miss a message!
SMS Integration

How it works

  • Free SMS integration is quick, easy – just add your mobile number to Comm100
  • You can add multiple mobile numbers
  • Customers don’t need to install anything – they just send you a text message and it shows up in Comm100.

Ticketing makes easy work of managing text messages

  • A ticket is created or updated automatically when a customer sends you a message. This is the foundation of effective response management
  • Give your team a clear picture of the messages that have been solved and which need attention
  • Collaborate internally with multiple team members on the same ticket.

Own every conversation

  • Team members can easily view tickets assigned to them, and claim unassigned tickets
  • Use Status to determine next steps: New, Pending Internal, Pending External, On Hold, Resolved
  • Organize messages according to Priority level to help manage workload: Urgent, High, Normal, Low.
Comm100 All Channels

Manage your text messages alongside all other digital channels

  • Access your business’s live chat, email, Facebook, WeChat, and WhatsApp Business accounts on one central system
  • Tickets can start on one channel and be moved to another.

Iron-clad security and high availability

  • ISO 27001 and SOC Type II certified
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • MaximumOn™ technology ensures Comm100 has maximum uptime.

Comm100’s free online SMS app is powerful and easy to use.
Get started today!

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