Do you use an email client like Microsoft® Outlook or Apple® Mail to manage email communications with your customers?

Do you use social media or text messaging to communicate directly with your customers?

Do you have trouble keeping accurate notes on what you promise your customers?

Do you sometimes forget to reply to your customers?

Do you have multiple people responding to emails, Facebook posts or messages from your customers?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging.

Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging

A centralized cloud-based system to track customer inquiries across multiple channels

A ticket is a customer issue or case that is created when a customer messages you on an integrated channel.

  • Integrate your business’s Email, Facebook, WhatsApp Business, WeChat and mobile messaging (SMS) accounts
  • Tickets can start on one channel and be moved to another
  • Convert live chats to tickets for follow-up
  • Create tickets for other channels like phone to track their progress and resolution.
Ticketing & Messaging

A support ticket system is a must-have tool for every customer service team - and Comm100's is free!

  • Give your team a clear picture of the issues that have been solved and which need work
  • Assign tickets so your team knows who is working on what
  • Assign next steps to know what needs to be done
  • Collaborate internally with multiple team members on the same ticket.

With a user-friendly platform and outstanding support, Comm100 made the integration of digital communication into my daily work easy and straightforward. My clients now have a choice as to how they want to connect with me!

– Kathryn van Pelt, Public Health Nurse

York Region
Ticketing & Messaging Assign

Establish clear ownership with Assignee

  • Assignee is the most important attribute of a ticket because it specifies who’s responsible for following up
  • Team members can easily view the tickets assigned to them and claim unassigned tickets.
Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging Status

Status management

  • Use Statuses to understand what the next steps are on a ticket
  • Statuses include: New, Pending Internal, Pending External, On-Hold and Resolved
  • You can organize your inbox by status so that you know which tickets you need to work on, which tickets require customer input, and which tickets are closed.
Ticketing & Messaging Priority

Priority management

  • Depending on a ticket’s importance, you can assign different Priorities
  • Priorities include: Urgent, High, Normal and Low
  • You can organize your tickets by Priority to ensure your customer’s most critical issues are dealt with first.

Connect with customers on multiple channels and manage it all effortlessly with Comm100's free online Ticketing & Messaging system.

Unlimited agents
Unlimited tickets
Free forever

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