Let’s celebrate our customer service champions!

Anyone who works in customer support knows it: frontline customer service representatives have one of the hardest, most thankless jobs around. All too often, a dull ‘thank you’ is their only reward – that’s where The Chatties come in!

Has a colleague, or the whole team, gone above and beyond to deliver amazing customer support? Perhaps they resolved a particularly difficult issue or handled a really tough customer with grace, patience, and empathy? Maybe they continue to achieve exceptionally high CSAT? Or have they recently stepped up a gear to handle an influx in customer queries?

Whatever they did to improve the customer experience, you can now show your appreciation by nominating them for a Chatties award!

Award Details

  • Entry is free - nominate as many people as you want
  • Two award categories - individual and team
  • Entries close on Friday January 15th, 2021
  • Winners will receive a certificate & be featured on our site
  • Must be a Comm100 customer
  • Winners will be announced in February 2021, chosen by Comm100 Customer Success and Support leaders.
Join us for the ceremony

Why apply to The Chatties?

Show appreciation

Customer service & support is a tough job. Give some well-deserved recognition and praise to your colleagues and team for their hard work and dedication to CX.

Prove your success

You’re smashing it – so make sure everyone knows it! Raise your team’s profile within the company and show them the success and impact you’re achieving.

Incentivize your team

Motivate your team to deliver the best customer service & support and take your performance up a level. Who doesn’t like a healthy bit of competition!

Entries have now closed.

The 2021 Chatties are for Comm100 customers only.