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“We are so glad we upgraded from LivePerson to Comm100. The solution, support, and software stability are far better – and it’s less expensive!

– Praveen Ellur
Vice President of Technology, Ya Ya Creations

Is the total cost of your customer engagement solution higher than you anticipated?

Are budget constraints forcing you to cut tech costs?

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Comm100 sets a new standard

Digital customer service can be 1/3 or less the cost of phone service, thanks to less expensive software and the ability for agents to handle more than one conversation at a time. Raise productivity, increase efficiency and scalability, and keep costs under control even as you grow.

Switch from your current provider to Comm100 and you will receive:

25% lower software cost guarantee

Existing software contract covered up to 6 months

No-risk proof of concept

Dedicated CSM

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See how Comm100 stacks up

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“Switching from LivePerson to Comm100 Live Chat was a no-brainer for us. The price of Comm100 is much more agreeable too. We are so glad we made the switch.

– Shane Perkins
Commerce Manager, HSS Training

The complete omnichannel customer engagement platform

Comm100 is the only complete omnichannel engagement platform that combines every channel and tool into one unified agent console.

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perfect the balance of human + bot engagement

Perfect the balance of human + bot engagement

Agents deliver personal support that your customers value. Bots and automation make this efficient and scalable. Only with Comm100 Omnichannel can you achieve the perfect human-bot balance.

360-degree view of each customer

Comm100 Omnichannel provides agents with a complete, cross-channel picture of every customer they speak to, no matter what channels they switch between. This insight powers personalization, efficiency, and productivity.

360-degree view of each customer

The highest standards in security & privacy

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