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The Comm100 Customer Advisory Board

Join the Board to give feedback on Comm100’s platform and influence our product development.

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Have your say

The Comm100 Customer Advisory Board (CommCAB) is designed to provide a collaborative environment for our customers to share their feedback, insight & advice on the Comm100 platform and wider industry to help improve our offering.

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Influence Comm100’s product development

Have your say on the development and priorities of Comm100’s products and services to give you and your team an edge.

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Early access to company updates

Be the first to access Comm100’s new product releases and feature enhancements to stay ahead of the competition.

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Network with peers

CommCAB provides great networking opportunities, as well as best practices on the Comm100 platform and wider market trends.

How does it work?

Members chosen

Members chosen

The board will be made up of a group of select customers based on their expertise, experience, and openness to provide valuable insights and feedback.
Quarterly meetings

Quarterly meetings

Each quarter the board members will meet with the Comm100 leadership team, capped at 2 people per organization if total attendees exceed 15. The meetings will last 1-2 hours, hosted virtually via video conference.
Meeting agenda

Meeting agenda

During each meeting, members will discuss and provide feedback on product features, general market needs and trends, and upcoming releases.
Networking & learning

Networking & learning

Members will have access to a private online forum to share ideas and network with peers in between meetings.

Be the Voice of Change: Join Our Customer Advisory Board!

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Customer Advisory Board FAQs

The specific requirements and application process may vary depending on the company, so it’s advisable to refer to Comm100’s official resources or contact their support for precise information for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

1. What are the requirements?

  • Requirements can vary but typically include being a current customer of Comm100’s Omnichannel Communications platform.
  • CAB members are often required to have a certain level of experience or expertise in areas relevant to the platform, such as higher education administration or IT services.
  • Availability and willingness to actively participate in CAB meetings and provide feedback

2. How does the application process work?

  • Comm100 typically announces when they are accepting applications for their CAB program through various channels, such as email, their website, or social media.
  • Interested individuals from your company would need to complete an application form provided by Comm100. This form may ask about your role, your experience with the platform, and your reasons for wanting to join the CAB.
  • Comm100’s team will review the applications and select candidates who meet the criteria.

3. Who from my company should be the one to apply?

  • Ideally, someone from your company who is directly involved with using or managing the Omnichannel Communications platform should apply. This could be administrators in Admissions, Enrollment, Student Affairs, IT services, or similar roles.
  • It’s important that the applicant has firsthand experience with the platform and can provide valuable insights and feedback.

4. What's the expected time commitment?

  • The time commitment can vary but typically involves attending regular CAB meetings, which may be held monthly, quarterly, or on some other schedule.
  • Additionally, there may be occasional follow-up discussions, surveys, or requests for feedback outside of the meetings.
  • The expected time commitment should be communicated by Comm100 when they announce the CAB program and can vary depending on the company’s needs.

5. What qualities make for an ideal board member?

  • An ideal CAB member should have a strong understanding of their institution’s needs and challenges related to Omnichannel Communications.
  • They should be proactive and willing to actively participate in discussions, provide constructive feedback, and share their experiences.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to collaborate with other members and Comm100’s team are important.

6. What happens if I'm not selected?

  • If you’re not selected for the CAB, it’s possible that Comm100 received many applications and had to make tough choices.
  • Continue to engage with Comm100’s resources, participate in webinars, and provide feedback through other channels. There may be future opportunities to join the CAB.
  • Consider encouraging other team members to apply, as different perspectives can be valuable.