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Chatbot test drives

Take Comm100’s chatbots for a spin

Take Comm100’s chatbots for a spin


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Higher Education Chatbots

Test drive the bot
How are Admissions using Comm100 chatbots?

Automate 80%+ of queries, supporting teams during peak periods

Increase engagement with international students by offering 24/7 availability

Increase enrollment with fast, attentive and always-on support

What does this bot test drive do?
This bot automates the most common admission and enrolment questions. The bot starts the conversation by determining who the visitor is by asking if they have or have not applied to the university yet. Based on this answer, the most frequently asked topics appear for the visitor to choose from. The bot then provides key information about the topic, including links to more information and in-built videos. If the question hasn’t been answered, the visitor can request to speak to a live agent or leave a message for the agent to respond to when they are back online.
IT Service Desk
Coming Soon
How are IT Service Desks using Comm100 chatbots?

Automate 80%+ of support requests from students and faculty

Encourage self-service with integrated knowledge base to reduce email overwhelm

Manage volume peaks without hiring temporary staff & training new hires

What does this bot test drive do?
To understand who the bot will be speaking to, the visitor begins by filling in their basic details and choosing what their relationship is to their university from a drop-down menu, such as student, staff, alumni, and applicant. The bot then displays the most common topics for the visitor to choose from, or asks them to type their question. ‘Helpful links’ are also presented in a side pop-up to the chat window. The visitor follows a series of questions with the bot until their issue is resolved. If it is not, the visitor is directed to a live agent. At the end of the conversation the visitor is asked to leave a rating and any comments about their experience.
Academic Advising
Coming soon
How are Academic Advising Offices using Comm100 chatbots?

Automate time-consuming, common questions to focus on complex queries

Provide intelligent 24/7 support, contributing to reduced dropout rates

Manage support volume peaks without hiring temporary staff & training new hires

What does this bot test drive do?
This Academic Advising chatbot is specifically built for the School of Engineering to give students 24/7 advisory support. The student starts off by entering their basic details, as well as choosing their program, level of study, and reason for visiting from drop-down menus. Depending on their choices, they are asked to pick from key topics or type their question to the bot. If the nature of the question is simple, the bot responds with the appropriate answer. If not, (for example the student chooses the topic ‘Academic Concerns’) the bot asks the visitor if they would like to chat with a help desk agent.

Banking & Finance Chatbot

How are Banking & Finance using Comm100 chatbots?

Automate time-consuming, simple questions to focus on high-value queries

Deliver 24/7 support to increase engagement & lead generation

Perform basic transactional requests and forms securely

What does this bot test drive do?

This bot begins by asking the visitor for their name, email, and reason for chatting. They are also able to select that the bot texts their mobile phone instead of speaking on live chat. Depending on the reason for chatting, the visitor can select from a number of topics. If they select ‘Lost/stolen card’, the bot can report this automatically on behalf of the customer. Or, if the visitor indicates an interest in mortgages, the bot asks a series of questions to determine the most suitable plan for them, provides more information, and offers to schedule a meeting with a member of the team. Test drive the bot to explore more possibilities!

Banking & Finance Chatbot

“I don’t have a computer science or programming background so finding a chatbot that was simple to build and code-free was crucial – and Comm100 Chatbot delivered on this. With a little learning and guidance from Comm100’s bot architect team, I built our bot from scratch with no technical knowledge. I think anyone who has a social media account can build a Comm100 Chatbot.”

— Derek Gaucher, Coordinator of IT Solutions, Dawson College

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