Natural conversations with instant resolutions. Comm100 Generative Answers Chatbot isn’t your typical Gen AI bot. As well as being built on the latest technology and vast LLMs, it also automatically indexes your website & company content. This ensures it only delivers helpful & accurate answers that you can trust. Goodbye hallucinations, hello reliability.

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How do I try it?

Click the friendly little chatbot icon button on the bottom right to begin chatting with our Gen AI bot.

What questions can I ask it?

You can ask out bot anything about Comm100 or even about itself. It has been trained on various documentation from our knowledge bases, website, and even our developer documents.

Try asking “How can I use Generative answers to speed up chatbot deployment?” OR “What information can a Gen ai chatbot use?”

Does it work with my existing bot?

Absolutely! Gen AI is a natural addition to the NLP bot picking up where your custom intents end to enhance the user experience and flow.

Try asking “How does a regular chatbot work with a generative ai chatbot?”

Can I upload documents for it to scan?

This is something you can ask yourself! Try “How do I upload local files for Gen AI?” OR “What files types can I upload for Gen AI?”

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High resolution

Automate a significant portion of incoming queries through helpful, human-like messaging – without any human involvement. Deliver 24/7 support and improve customer satisfaction with Comm100’s Generative AI chatbot.

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Total security

Comm100’s Generative model chatbot guarantees the highest security and privacy standards. As well as complying with ISO 270001, SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, GDPR, and PIPEDA, Comm100 adheres to specific industry compliances such as HIPAA and TX-RAMP.

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Instant launch

By integrating your existing knowledge sources and content, you can set up a Generative AI chatbot in just two hours – with no technical experience. The bot will also auto-scan for new website content every week to stay up to date.

Contextual understanding

Contextual understanding

A Generative AI chatbot understands the context of customer interactions, referring to past messages, inferring emotional tone, and acknowledging situational data. With this intelligence, the Gen AI bot can provide contextual and personalized responses that resolve queries.

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Seamless transfers

Balance the efficiency of automation with the empathy of human support by connecting Comm100’s Generative AI chatbot with Comm100 Live Chat. When the bot can’t find the answer, seamlessly transfer the customer to an agent, alongside the chat history.

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Complete customizability

Customize your Generative chatbot to align with their brand voice and specific use cases by training them on domain-specific data and terminology. This helps to align the bot with the company’s customer service strategies and objectives.

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Exceptional accuracy

Most Generative chatbots are only built on LLMs that pull general information, often leading to incorrect answers. Comm100’s is different – it’s also trained on specific company content so it only provides accurate and on-brand responses.

Unlimited scalability

Generative AI chatbots can handle unlimited, simultaneous conversations, no matter the time of the day. This lets you scale your operations without increasing headcount – all without damaging customer satisfaction.

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Contextual understanding


Based on multiple LLM models, Comm100’s Generative model chatbot is trained on extensive datasets from a multitude of sources. This means it has a broad understanding of language, context, and subject matter so it can be used for a wide range of applications and industries.

Gen AI & NLP

Combining our Gen AI and NLP bot brings the best of fast and convenient deployment with guided context flows and custom API integrations.

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All Inclusive Bot Plan

The All Inclusive Bot Plan is the complete chatbot & automation package. It’s everything you need – software, setup, support, and more – all from just one specialist partner.


Generative Answers & Custom Answers Chatbots


Complete bot setup, training and configuration


Dedicated CSM for quarterly business & product roadmap reviews


Out-of-box integrations (Slate, Salesforce, Dynamics365, Canvas)


Dedicated AI Architect for monthly bot maintenance


Unlimited intents and answers


24/7 technical support – 15-minute response time


Access to product release beta programs


Seat on Comm100’s Customer Advisory Board

Comm100’s Gen AI Chatbot Packages

Generative Answers Chatbot Add-On


Generative Answers Chatbot

Chatbot Plus


Generative Answers Chatbot


Custom Answers Chatbot

Chatbot Ultra


Generative Answers Chatbot


Custom Answers Chatbot


API’s & Webhooks

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