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Why Comm100 Chatbot?

24/7 Availability

Chatbots field an average of 80,000 chats per month, delivering round-the-clock customer service and support without increasing your operational costs.

Advanced Functionality

With Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning capabilities, our bot is involved in more than half of all chats, handling 1 in 5 from start to finish without agent intervention.

Personalized Experiences

Chatbots reference your customer database to provide intelligent, customized responses and are proven to be able to handle up to 80% of total chat requests with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Increase efficiencies while minimizing costs

Cut your operational costs while still maintaining the same high standard of service, chatbots can handle and solve more queries quickly and reliably.

Comm100 Chatbot - Landing Page Features - Advanced AI-Powered Chatbot

Scale your business with the most advanced AI-powered bot on the market

Chatbots deliver consistent, correct responses no matter how questions are asked with NLP and advanced machine learning.

Comm100 Chatbot - Landing Page Features - Chatbot Saves Customers' and Agents Time

Chatbots save your customers’ and agents’ time

Bots take the load off your agents while still giving customers the fast, helpful answers they’re looking for.

Comm100 Chatbot - Landing Page Features - Chatbot in Multiple Languages

Serve anybody, anywhere, in any language

Your Comm100 AI-powered chatbot can serve your global customers in the language of their choice.

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