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The Background

Santa Fe County’s Tommy Garcia, Quality Control Program Manager, sat down with Chris Bechtel, VP of Marketing at Comm100, to discuss their experience adding to Comm100 Live Chat to their suite of customer support tools.

Santa Fe County Assessor’s Office assesses and values almost 90,000 pieces of property every year. Before live chat was implemented, they relied on FAQs on their website to answer their constituents’ queries. However, with so much information at hand, constituents often struggled to find the answers to their questions, and often resorted to contacting an already very busy phone line.

With Comm100 Live Chat now set up, their constituents can easily and quickly get their questions resolved. Importantly too, constituents can be seamlessly routed to the appropriate department, leading to faster resolution and more satisfied constituents. The ability to share files and attachments within Comm100 Live Chat is also a key component, as is the wealth of data that they can now collect from within the platform.

“Getting access to all the data that comes through Comm1000’s platform is gold. We present a lot of this data to our administration to show them what our constituents are asking for, what they need, and how they feel… We read through chat transcripts, which is a great training tool too.”

After seeing great success within the Assessor’s Office, Comm100 Live Chat was expanded into the Treasurer’s Office. In 2022, a chatbot will also be set up to automate common queries to make better use of agent time, as well as allow Santa Fe County to provide 24/7 support to their constituents.

Watch the video below for the full story.

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