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The Organization

Sagicor Life is a full-service life insurance company that is licensed in 45 states, plus the District of Columbia. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Sagicor Financial Company Limited, Sagicor is one of the oldest insurance groups in the Americas and operates in 19 countries including the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. Sagicor is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company (4th best out of 16 possible ratings) as of November 4, 2021.

The Results in Numbers

Wait time – 0 seconds
Chat acceptance rate – 100%
Messages per chat – 14

The Background

Embracing technology is key to Sagicor Life’s success. Across all departments, Sagicor Life is always looking for ways to improve their services by adopting new technologies, helping them to retain their competitive edge – now and into the future.

At Sagicor Life, we want to be leading our industry in technological adoption. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and leverage technology to enhance the customer experience.

Rita Morris, Producer Resource Center Manager at Sagicor Life

Back in 2016, Sagicor Life partnered with Comm100 to offer live chat within Client Services. Seeing the success within this department, they chose to expand this offering and set up Comm100 Live Chat within Producer Services too.

The Results

For Sagicor Life’s insurance agencies, speed of support is crucial. When a question arises, they need to be able to easily connect with Sagicor Life support and receive immediate answers that they can pass on to their customers.

Before Sagicor Life set up Comm100 Live Chat, they relied primarily on telephone to provide this support. However, with high call volumes and limited staff, wait times were often high, damaging CX and frustrating their clients.

With live chat set up, Sagicor Life’s agents can now quickly respond to and resolve their queries, resulting in 0 second wait time. This is partly made possible by the ability for agents to handle multiple chats at one time.

As Rita Morris, Producer Resource Center Manager at Sagicor Life, explained:

“We don’t live in a patient world. Our clients expect answers immediately – they don’t want to wait for a response on email or wait in a telephone queue. With live chat we can provide them with this support. They ask us a question, get the answer they need within minutes, and get on with their day.”

Sagicor Life’s live chat agents respond to their clients’ queries, help them to navigate the portal, and provide updates on pending applications. Recognizing the importance of fast and always-on support, live chat is available throughout their business hours with no downtime or breaks.

Comm100 Live Chat has transformed how we support our agencies. With up to 400 calls a day, our clients were often put on hold for a considerable time before an agent became available. Now with live chat in place, we can instantly respond to every incoming query and give our clients the immediate support they expect. We’re now so fast that when they request a chat, we’ve usually sent our greeting message before they’ve even asked their question!

Scott Eckstein, Insurance Sales Expert at Sagicor Life

We asked ourselves – what can we offer our agencies that will improve the ease of doing business with us – and the answer was live chat.

Rita Morris, Producer Resource Center Manager at Sagicor Life

The Highlights

Many of today’s insurance agents work remotely and so need support on-the-go. With Comm100 Live Chat on mobile, Sagicor Life’s clients can receive immediate support via their mobile devices wherever they are.

Comm100’s Co-browsing is also crucial to the quality and speed of Sagicor Life’s support. With co-browsing, agents can view and even interact with a client’s browser to help them understand where they are having issues and personally guide them through the problem. Comm100 Co-browsing is browser-based so the client doesn’t need to download any software. It also automatically masks sensitive data on the user’s web pages too so their privacy is maintained, and Sagicor Life ensures they remain compliant.

Live chat has also helped improve the quality of conversations and the agent experience. When Sagicor Life was relying on phone support, conversations could often get heated as their clients became frustrated with wait times and being passed between agents. As Scott Eckstein, Insurance Sales Expert at Sagicor Life, explained, Comm100 Live Chat has improved this experience for clients and agents alike:

Live chat takes the emotion out of the conversation which really helps our agents. We have high chat volumes and our clients expect immediate answers so conversations on the phone can sometimes get a little animated, putting a lot of pressure on our agents. With live chat, this pressure is taken away as our agents can simply provide a fast and direct answer.

Scott Eckstein, Insurance Sales Expert at Sagicor Life

Sagicor Life’s chat agents have also found the platform very easy to learn and use. As Scott explained:

“We really didn’t need much training to learn how to use Comm100 Live Chat. It’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate so we were able to get up and running in no time. Our agents picked it up quickly and they enjoy using it.”

Having now worked together for many years, Sagicor and Comm100 have formed a great relationship built upon patience, understanding and transparency. As Rita Morris summarized: “I never feel like we are a bother to the Comm100 team or that any question we ask is a dumb question. It’s like we are their only customer and whatever attention is needed, they will give it. We have had no issues whatsoever and we look forward to working with Comm100 for many more years to come!”

If I had any advice for insurance companies - don’t wait. In our world of technology, the digital customer has increased and will continue to increase. You need to offer live chat to meet clients’ expectations. Build it and they will come.

Rita Morris, Producer Resource Center Manager at Sagicor Life

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