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As a global digital marketplace for gaming products, G2A.COM wanted to serve and engage their 19 million customers and over 450 thousand sellers across the globe in real time. G2A’s mission is to provide secure & user-friendly transactions across all G2A platforms. The challenge was to deliver excellent customer service with a high first-time resolution rate, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across multiple languages.


To meet their needs as a fast-growth organization, G2A chose Comm100’s solution as it integrated well with their systems and could help them handle a large quantity of clients at the same time. Comm100’s UI was also a deciding factor, providing great ease of use for customers and agents alike.

G2A also found that Comm100’s live chat environment was the only solution that met their robust security, performance, and reliability standards. Specifically, a stable environment that connected with their other systems and that leveraged Comm100’s high availability technology to decrease the chances of being cut off from technical issues.

Comm100 is the only provider that met the robust reliability, security, and performance requirements needed. Our downtime is kept to a minimum if not null. Whenever there is an issue we can just contact Comm100 and a quick solution is given. As a result, we are able to decrease possibility of system crashes during peaked traffic from big releases or product issues.

Mariusz Makara, Support Project Manager

Comm100 quickly became the solution that G2A trusted. Implementing Comm100’s solution was a straightforward transition — with a simple agent-friendly interface that could handle the entire interaction from start to finish, making it easier for G2A to deliver exceptional service.


By moving to Comm100’s live chat, G2A was able to meet their KPIs and SLAs which included reduced wait time for customers, increased first time resolution and improved G2A’s CSAT score.

We have boosted our productivity by leveraging Comm100’s reporting, automation, and advanced routing to continuously create new workflows that allow us to handle a high quantity of clients at the same time.

Mariusz Makara, Support Project Manager

They were also able to boost contact center productivity for the G2A site by leveraging intelligent routing, custom wrap-up categories and traffic allocation optimization. This allowed them to develop their service to more proactively resolve customer problems and actually lower traffic volume on G2A Marketplace for customer queries.

Beyond their customer service and support team, there were also business-wide benefits. G2A was able to use reporting data and insights to inform product and marketing launches and other customer-related decisions in the business.

Using reporting and customer data from Comm100’s solution, we are able to cooperate with other departments to categorize traffic and customers queries. This, in addition to the live dashboard allows us to analyze our daily traffic in a much more agile way, and creates new workflows that both boosted productivity and reduced volume of customer complaints.

Mariusz Makara, Support Project Manager

G2A needed a business partner who were as attentive and available as they were for their customers, and they found this in Comm100. With Comm100’s 24/7 support, they found that any issues were resolved quickly and smoothly, and downtime was kept to a minimum — if not zero.

We [G2A] have evolved to a new level with the services provided by Comm100. As a company that constantly adjusts and improves our services, Comm100 understands this and can keep up with our needs in terms of features, service, and integration. Nothing is impossible, and everything can be made possible with Comm100.

Mariusz Makara, Support Project Manager

G2A and Comm100 are proud of the strong partnership relationship they have built over years of successful business. This relationship has allowed G2A to maintain and increase their reputation for trustworthiness and reliability among their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

About G2A

G2A.COM is the fastest growing digital gaming marketplace where 19 million customers go to browse over 75 thousand products from over 450 thousand sellers. The G2A company mission is to reinvent the simplicity of global trade. G2A aims to deliver the most secure & user-friendly transaction ecosystem, that truly serves individuals and businesses. For more information about G2A, please visit

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