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The Organization

Deltapath is a specialty unified communications provider serving Global 1000 companies. They specialize in solutions that unite different communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops, and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive. Deltapath focuses on integrations that boast productivity and faster business decisions by relaying the right data to the right person, at the right time.


The Background

In today’s digital-first world, consumers expect flexibility and choice when connecting with companies. Rather than being restricted to one or two communication channels, consumers want the ability to choose whatever channel works best for them in that moment.

To deliver this experience in the past, teams were forced to juggle several platforms, switching from one system to another. This was inefficient, prone to errors, and created major data silos between channels that resulted in poor customer experience (CX) and limited the insight they could gain from customer communications.


How Deltapath and Comm100 Work Together

Comm100 Omnichannel connects every key digital channel within one platform, bringing together live chat, email, social media, SMS and chatbot into one console. By partnering with Deltapath, Deltapath’s voice and video capabilities are now integrated into Comm100’s platform, offering organizations a complete communication solution that delivers:

  • Lower costs
  • Greater efficiency
  • Improved CX


“By partnering with Comm100, what could have taken us years, literally took us minutes – we got done in 1 day of man hours what would have normally taken us weeks. Combining our unified communications technology with the Comm100 platform allowed us to extend our capabilities with features like data analytics and AI-powered chatbot, offering us a huge advantage in the marketplace – for both growth and customer retention. We have grown our pipeline 50% in 6 months by being able to extend voice with a platform that offers all communication channels and gives our customers the opportunity to choose the channel (s) that is best for them and right for the occasion. And – we are just getting started!”

David Liu, CEO and Founder, Deltapath

Result: 50% Growth in Deltapath’s Pipeline in 6 Months

The integration of software provides a seamless experience for the agent and customer. When an incoming call is assigned to an agent, the Comm100 agent console alerts the agent and offers them call controls such as answer, hold, and transfer.

The addition of Comm100 Voice Bot to Deltapath’s platform also adds much-needed automation to their offering. Comm100 Voice Bot is an AI-powered virtual assistant that communicates with customers via speech through digital voice and telephony channels. It harnesses speech analytics to understand customer intent before offering a self-service solution or routing customers to the most appropriate agents. Other features include adding rules for when to escalate a bot interaction, webhook integrations that allow automated voice responses to various transactional queries, and tools to extract additional insights from voice bot conversations.


“Taking on some of the biggest challenges like offering seamless 24/7 support, eliminating wait times for customers, and lowering the cost of customer support is incredibly exciting. To add to the excitement, Comm100’s voice bot will give us even more of a competitive edge in our offering.”

David Liu, CEO and Founder, Deltapath

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