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Atando is Comm100's partner

Artificial Intelligence

North Carolina, US

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Since 2019

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The Background

Atando partnered with Comm100 to provide their clients with industry-leading customer service software that meets the rising expectation of today’s digital-first consumer. With the combination of Comm100 Live Chat and AI Chatbot, Atando’s clients are delivering fast, efficient, and helpful customer support at a minimal cost.

The Company

Atando specializes in building and maintaining chatbots and virtual assistants for the financial sector. Comm100’s ease of use and flexibility affords Atando the ability to meet many complex requirements with configurations rather than writing code.

During the global pandemic, features like video chat and co-browsing have been huge selling points with retail locations moving to remote WFH models. 43% of members prefer to connect with their credit union through mobile live chat – an 8% increase from last year.

Atando initially partnered with Comm100 for an integrated chatbot and live chat platform and immediately reaped the rewards of being prepared for our digital first world. They could offer their clients the ability to:

– Know their customers
– Maximize agent visibility
– Keep it genuine
– Leverage AI
– Study the data.

How Atando and Comm100 Work Together

Business Pain Point: The digital world has been “fast forwarded” given today’s challenging time. Clients need to pivot and adapt in today’s digital first world to provide high quality customer service 24/7. This needs to be done without dramatically increasing costs.

Solution: Comm100, in partnership with Atando, delivers a customer experience with a smart AI Chatbot covering many customer needs and, when needed, seamlessly escalating to human agents.

ROI: Our customers rely on our chatbots to be accurate (over 90%) and cover 70-85% of customer conversations without escalating to a human agent.

Did you know?

51% of customers want businesses to be available 24/7; when your agents can’t be online but your customers are, Comm100’s chatbot can provide support 24/7.

63% of millennials prefer to have their basic customer support queries answered on a channel other than voice; with Comm100 your customers want to reach you whenever, wherever, and however they want. That means less by phone and more on digital channels like chat, email, social media & messaging.

The average customer satisfaction using live chat service in the technology industry exceeds 87%; with a Comm100 chatbot or a knowledge base article it’s faster or easier.

AI can increase business productivity by 40%. Build your perfect blend of live-agent, bot, and self-serve interactions with Comm100’s customer service & support software.

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Atando is comm100's partner
Comm100 Partner
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Redefining Financial Services in a Digital First World with Atando & Comm100