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Driving success at Comm100

Kevin Gao, CEO of Comm100

Kevin is the founder and CEO of Comm100 and an entrepreneur at heart.

At a young age, he was already helping his family run a successful shoe-making business. Later as a young adult, he always found ways to combine his passion for computer science and his desire to create new business ventures. While a student at university, Kevin created his first software development company, and shortly after moving to Toronto, he founded Dynamsoft in Toronto, a company that provides enterprise-class version control software and image processing SDKs.

During his time at Dynamsoft, Kevin quickly realized that integrated communication tools were critical to improved and strong business performance. In 2009, he founded Comm100 with the ambition to revolutionize the way of online customer service and communication. Our flagship product, Live Chat software, is designed to improve sales and support with real time customer communication. Today Kevin leads a global team united by the the company’s motto, “100% communication, 100% success.”

With his intimate understanding of what it takes to build customer service solutions, passion for entrepreneurship and strong technical expertise, Kevin develops the high quality, reliable and secure communication tools that help businesses, small and big, to get to the next level.

When Kevin is not at his desk, he enjoys the outdoors with family and friends, running, hiking in the local mountains, playing classical guitar, and occasionally talking programming languages with his teenage son.

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Comm100 Executive Team - Kevin Gao

William Zhang, Chief Technical Officer

William is an expert in setting Comm100’s technical strategy and managing our Research and Development team. His background in software development and project management means he leads our team through challenging new implementations, ensuring they are working together towards a common goal. He’s driven towards success but also values the people around him, working to help everyone in the team feel like part of our Comm100 family.

A Comm100 veteran, William has 8 years experience working on our live chat product and has guided its development from a fledgling product to a fully featured software solution.

William recognizes how central our customers are to the success of our live chat, noting that learning from them is a constant process. His goal is to carry on improving our product to make it even more powerful yet easy to use.

There are a lot of sports fans in Comm100, but William is certainly one of our most avid sports followers, especially football. His favorite team is Argentina and his favorite player, the legendary Diego Maradona.

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Comm100 Executive Team - William Cheung

Jeff Swan, Vice President of Marketing

“Impossible” isn’t a word in Jeff’s vocabulary – he’s an experienced marketing leader who thrives on turning even the most unfeasible problems into situations of clarity and possibility.

Jeff brings a wealth of expertise in marketing to Comm100, removing barriers to excellent experiences as well as finding new ways to optimize both the customer and employee experience through technology, education and best practices.

Jeff has worked for a variety of well-known firms such as Infobip, Payfirma and Talentclick, enabling them to accelerate revenue growth, achieve marketing channel efficiency and develop effective teams.

Based in Vancouver, Jeff is the proud father of a beautiful baby girl who he says is growing way too fast! Jeff is also known as a picky eater – partly through allergies, partly by choice – which certainly tests the customer service skills of restaurant servers when the Comm100 office go out for team meals. Maybe it’s Jeff’s own experiences with these tricky service situations which cause him to thrive on the optimism and excitement of customers who he helps to achieve their goals.

Comm100 are thrilled to have Jeff on board to help us send the success of our product skywards. As Jeff notes, the team, the product and the market opportunity are the perfect recipe for a fun and successful future for our customers and our company.

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Comm100 Executive Team - Jeff Swan

Rob Precious, Director of Enterprise Sales

Comm100 is growing – and with Rob leading our enterprise sales function, the only way we can go is up.

Rob is an expert sales management professional with over 15 years of experience in achieving service and sales goals in highly competitive markets. In his prior role at Quickmobile, he played an integral part of the team which saw sales increase by 300%, and he has a proven track record in creating and driving sales strategy. Rob’s background in large enterprise sales mean he’s worked with Fortune 500 and leading organizations all over the world.

But delivering swift results isn’t just what Rob is well known for. His experience and skills mean he’s an expert in our industry, with a consistently strong record of understanding customer needs and helping clients to improve their customer and sales interactions. It’s this balance of customer empathy with a drive for success which make Rob a vital and valued member of the Comm100 family.

When he’s not working, Rob is an outdoors and fitness enthusiast who loves taking advantage of all that the beautiful city of Vancouver offers, whether it be snowboarding in the winter or hiking and swimming in the summer. An avid traveler, Rob also enjoys visiting destinations all over the world.

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Comm100 Executive Team - Rob Precious